Naval & Air Movements Point to U.S. War Posture Aimed at Syria

Map of Turkey & Middleast from “Could Syria-Turkey Conflict Pull NATO In?”

Within the last few hours, I received a tip from an anonymous source pointing out movements of U.S. Naval aircraft carriers which he and as he relayed, friends within the military believe, are of a kind that is posturing for war. They are speaking of a focus on Syria, or perhaps Iran.

This source was validated by another person. Personally, I am not a fan of journalism and blogging that often goes to the “unnamed sources” well and I try to do that very sparingly. The evidence may be seen here, in an ongoing though vague report of those deployments by the Navy, itself:

This corresponds to reports days ago now, of the movement of military hardware from Russia and scuttlebutt in social media of  this:

Keep an eye on the #Turkey / #Syria border! Reports claim both sides have jets and choppers scrambling to border!

Turkey has also sent troops to their Syrian border, according to reports. They involve camps of Syrian refugees in Turkey and possibly more. A June 22 report in reported Syrians downed a Turkish F4 Phantom aircraft and that Turkey was promising a reprisal.

Also, an international plan for Syria championed by former U.N. Secretary General, Kofi Annan has just been rejected by Syrian opposition, apparently for its failure to bar Syrian President Bashar Assad from participation. (Where Annan has gone, corruption has grown.)

See more in tags, below, including the intrinsically evil “responsibility to protect” doctrine, as implemented by the Obama administration and their Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros-connected allies, closely associated with the “Arab Spring” and “Civil Societies” campaigns and Hillary Clinton.

We may or may not update this log entry.

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