Too Many Notes

I’m trying to take just a little barely-working vacation, but do all the Marxofascists and the power and money hoarders behind them respect that?

No. No, they don’t and you people keep tweeting, facebooking, emailing, on and on.

They just keep on — with Rio +20 around the world and the EPA and ICLEI right in the neighborhood, Syria and Spain and Arizona, the burgeoning BRICS banks and our own thieving Federal Reserve. It is fast and furious all around, from backdoor amnesty to the highly financed Maoist thugs doing the SWAT’ing, all around our neighbors’ houses.

And all the time, Ameirca’s (i.e., Americans’, as in yours and mine and our progeny’s) wealth (i.e., the ability to securely function in this world) is being drained like a body on the altar of Satanists, siphoned of its lifeblood — and I don’t use that analogy casually, as you may soon here see.

So, I look into Twitter and Facebook and well…

Video, from the movie, “Amadeus”

And well, I want to make sure we are all warned that there will be no victory unless and until the air is as full of the news of just and lasting repentences, replacements, repeals, redemptions, restorations, and if necessary, return to our American Revolution, as it has been full of anti-American “change” in the last three or four years.

Make that the last one-hundred years.



PS: Thank you very much for sending all those notes. Let’s get more to send even more. Print them out, get the nearest decent candidate’s local precinct map and pass them screendoor-to-screendoor in your neighborhood. Don’t even think of letting up, come 2013 and onward. More and more and more notes….


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