Over CNBC: ‘Do We All Work for the Central Bankers?’

This is hardly the first time the truth has slipped out via CNBC and one hopes it won’t be the last. Investors have some reason after all, to seek and speak the truth. Money often rides on it.

Yet, in this case they are lamenting how the bulk of our money and our lives with it, are riding on a central banking complex consistently moving from manipulation of the truth toward direct tyranny. Foisted on the free and Sovereign People of the world, unjust control is always a lie against the truth.

And on a worldwide scale it hangs, this collective work of the world’s greatest robber barons, waiting for the People to take just measures against it. Such measures would be very unusual to those trapped in “normalcy bias,” as the chronic mental malady is termed – even extreme. But this deadly mentality is carefully fomented, nurtured, and guarded by the financier complex itself, like a governess with Munchausen by proxy syndrome, foolishly left to tend the kids.

Yet, sometimes extreme measures must take place. So penned the founders of America, July Fourth, 1776.

Video posted 6/24, “CNBC Admits We’re all Slaves to
Rothschild Central Bankers Global Government”

Lord Acton, by Franz Seraph von Lenbach

Many visitors to the Gulag will be quite familiar with one of these two quotes of Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834-1902). Let us be taught by them both.


Power tends to corrupt,
and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Great men are almost always bad men.


The issue which has swept down the centuries
and which will have to be fought sooner or later
is the people versus the banks.

Contributor: @EternalRiteWing


  1. Bloodless Coup says

    “Eric Holder Refusing to Hand Over Documents about Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in the USA”


  2. Hey, the news actually hit the truth! Big Banks, the federal reserve, the military industrial complex, they own the means and production, they print and control the money and the economic policies. But here’s the kicker: they control our government too! And what makes it so easy for them, is the two party duopoly!

    Rise against the GOP and against the Democrats! They have both sold us out to the big banks!

    Only Electoral Reform, and third party politics, will provide any limitations on the two party duopoly!

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