‘Dreams from My Real Father’

New Zeal

I believe that Barack Obama, Sr. was Barack Obama‘s father, but this looks very interesting.


  1. The fact is that Obama Sr. did not function as a father in Bari/Barry’s life, but Davis did function as a father-like mentor to the boy. The fact is that Davis wrote about sex with a young girl named “Anne” and delighted in seducing young white girls. Apparently he also took nude photos of Bari/Barry’s rebellious and revolutionary-minded mother. Sure looks like Davis had time and opportunity to bed her. And surely the communist Davis’ views and values are reflected in the putative president’s socialist vision for America.

    There is plenty of reason to suspect that Obama Sr. was persuaded or paid to provide cover for Ann Dunham’s pregnancy. Apparently he never lived with her either before or after the baby’s birth.

  2. Post a picture of Homobama beside Malcom X,he was doing Ann Dumb ham too.More alike than BO & F.M Davis

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