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Turns out that reports by the mainstream media of the Muslim Brotherhood being ‘mostly secular’ and basically harmless, were somewhat off the mark. They were only ‘mostly dead.’ The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi was named the winner of the Egyptian election for President this morning.

Mursi received up to 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him approximately 51% of the vote. The other candidate, Ahmed Shafiq, the final Prime Minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million votes. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated. 95% of Egyptian Muslims in the United States voted for the Muslim Brotherhood. This also leaves the fate of about 12 million Coptic Christians in serious doubt. By Islmaic law, they can convert, pay the Jizya tax or die.

Upon winning, Mursi claimed that very little would change, except of course for the better. So, I guess that explains why, he has claimed “Our Capital ‘Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing’.” Sounds like a threat of war to me.

And from Allen West:

A year ago there were those of us who warned the Obama Administration of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. We were castigated as alarmists and loose cannons. Today our predictions have come to reality and the ominous specter reminding us of the Iranian revolution is evident. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed they would not run a presidential candidate. Clearly the Arab Spring is nothing more than a radical Islamic nightmare. Now we need to unequivocally reiterate our support to the Coptic Christians and Israel. What an incredible foreign policy faux pas by the second coming of President Jimmy Carter, the Obama Administration. I call upon President Barack Obama to cut off American foreign aid to Egypt, denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities.

Sadly, West should not hold his breath on Obama and his administration’s support. After all, Obama’s administration was so ‘worried’ that they instructed Egypt’s military to cede power to The Muslim Brotherhood:

The Obama administration warned Egypt’s military leaders on Monday to speedily hand over power or risk losing billions of dollars in U.S. military and economic aid to the country.

As Egypt’s Islamist candidate claimed victory in a presidential run-off, Pentagon and State Department officials expressed concern with a last-minute decree by Egypt’s ruling military council giving itself sweeping authority to maintain its grip on power and subordinate the nominal head of state. The move followed last week’s dissolution of parliament by an Egyptian court.

So, keeping faith with his Muslim roots, Obama utilized coercion bordering on extortion to ensure the handover of Egypt’s reins to The Muslim Brotherhood, taking the next step in a transition to a worldwide Caliphate and further down the road to a new dark ages, forcing Dhimmis to their subjective knees. From 1389 Blog:

And with this win and the ensuing celebrations of Muslims in Egypt and worldwide, there will certainly be changes. The Islamic police will almost certainly crack down on ‘violations’ of their faith and the iron fist of Shariah will descend everywhere. Take for instance an Egyptian man, who brutally beat his pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Change to die for.

This is not an Arab Spring, this is an Islamic winter in hell. Don’t pooh-pooh this and say, well, it’s just Egypt. No my friends, you are witnessing the escalation of World War III and Israel is ground zero. Tens of thousands are joyously dancing in Egypt’s streets, shouting ‘God is great!’ But these are the same violent, radical Jihadists who also said that should they come to power, they would wipe Israel from the face of the earth. A dark and vengeful God demands they do so and the world is in deep denial. Mursi is not only part of the Muslim Brotherhood, he has connections to Hamas and al Qaeda. Our White House evidently now has a revolving account for the Brotherhood so they can stay and schmooze with Obama. Birds of an Islamic feather.

Mursi will institute full Islamic law. 84% believe that heretics should be put to death, 82% believe that adulterers should be stoned and 77% believe that thieves should have their hands cut off. The barbarians have stormed the gates of the Middle East and are now ushering in their dream of a risen worldwide brutal Caliphate in the bloody name of Allah. The only thing worse that could happen, is if Egypt aligns with Iran. Oh, wait, the new regime is already aligned with Iran. They love death, we love Pepsi… Death is winning and the Egyptian Zombie Apocalypse is begun.

Update: White House congratulates Egypt’s Mursi


  1. Remember Congressman Anthony Weiner? It is now been exposed that his wife, Huma Abedin has a mother who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and is close friends of Egypt’s new President and also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin is a very close “aid” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Do you think that maybe America’s state secrets are being compromised?

  2. The Muslim Brotherhood was established by the British in the late 1920s.. It is the controlled opposition.
    Just think about how the US supposedly fought Al CIAduh in Afghanistan & Iraq and then used them in Libya’

  3. Oh Egypt, welcome back to the 7th century!

    I’ve always wanted to visit the pyramids in Egypt, guess I should have done it a few years ago when I had the chance. I wonder when they will officially open hunting season for whiteys and Christians?

  4. Looks like the MSM’s got your tongues. There’s a lot more to Egypt than your new boogie man the “Muslim Brotherhood”.

  5. Obviously you prefer the goulag of Mubarak. Look at it seriously. Who is killing who –
    Remember the US invaded Iraq (‘to liberate the Iraqi – well, they are liberated now!)) and on the way killed hundred of thousands of children and women. Remember the US invaded Afghanistan on yet another false pretense decimating the country and prolonging the misery of the Afghan for another 15 years, don’t they have the right to rest. Remember the bombing of Gaza and libanon by Israel, remember the century of western colonization of these country and pilliage of resources.
    Now what did palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iraq to you or to the united state to deserve all this?
    unless you blinded by you hatred of Islam and Muslims, you should know the difference and you should distincly know who is the agressor.
    Bringing some individual incidents to excuse your bigotry will not help, I can bring you thousands of similar incident from the US and all around the world.

    If you are truly with the truth be fair.


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