Obama & Holder – Fast & Furious Contempt Proceedings – Blame Bush


President Obama and Eric Holder have decided to blame Bush for their Fast & Furious gun program that sent thousands of US guns to Mexican drug cartels, gangs and murderers who used them to kill Mexicans and Americans.

A live stream of the contempt proceedings against Eric Holder can be seen in real time HERE. (http://issues.oversight.house.gov/fastandfurious/)

Watch this 2009 video showing that Obama’s DOJ, run by Eric Holder, rolled out the new Fast & Furious gun program.

Smoking Gun: Obama Ordered Operation Fast and Furious – Project Gunrunner – 2009

The prelude to the Obama/Holder Fast & Furious gun program was the false narrative, perpetuated publicly by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, claiming that 90% of the foreign guns found in Mexico come from the US. In actuality, the majority of weapons were from other countries – not the US.

Trafficking Guns to Mexico from – FOXNews

Obama’s “blame Bush” tactic is used on every front to make excuses for his failures. In this case, however, Obama is using this tactic as cover because he was caught deliberately putting guns in the hands of Mexican criminals.

Why would Obama want to flood Mexico with US weapons? To impose more restrictive US gun laws on Americans by making his narrative true – ‘90% of the foreign guns found in Mexico come from the US.’

Rest assured that if Obama and Holder had not been caught, they would not be asserting Executive privilege on the eve of Holder’s contempt proceedings and they would not be asserting the false “blame Bush” narrative.

UPDATE: Committee votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious

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