Occupy: Save the Pedophiles! Keep the Child Sex Trafficking


Just. Pure. Freaking. Evil. On June 13th, Occupiers in Oakland came out to protest against a conference dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking. That’s right… They were in favor of child sex trafficking and all the pedophiles who exploit these innocent children. These people are unconscionable monsters. 99% my ass.

Zombie has a new post up at the PJ Tatler: Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking. Usually I make fun of these whackos, but this time I’m not – this time I want you to see just how sick they are. Go read Zombie’s piece and pass it on. There is good and there is evil and if you ever doubted what side the Occupy Movement is on, doubt no more.

Check out for yourself what these people are like and why I believe they should ‘collectively’ rot in hell. From Zombie:

Hell, why am I even bothering with this? When you act as the Occupiers did at this protest, your violent aggressive behavior trumps any message you may have had. After protesting on the sidewalk for a while, the Occupiers went berserk and staged a full-frontal assault on the conference. The security guards somehow managed to repel the invasion, as the Occupiers then hurled paint-bombs, bottles of unknown liquid, eggs and other projectiles at the hotel. Amazingly, they were so proud of all this that they uploaded their own video of the assault:

The Occupiers hide behind their message of police hate to push the most vile of agendas. It’s not just that many of them are the great unwashed, they are filthy inside as well. There is no defense of those who support child sex trafficking. Sexual abuse, violence, enforced prostitution, pedophilia, slavery – anything evil goes. There was one – count him, one – protestor in Oakland standing against these monsters. Bless his soul – that’s courage. Lord spare us for one decent man.

So they keep up their ‘eat the rich’ mantra and ‘kill the pigs’ motto, while condoning the most heinous acts against children. Oh, and Anonymous was there in the mix as well.

Please go to Zombie’s piece, read it all and see the pics and the links there that go deeper into this. It actually makes me ill and makes me wish that God would sweep these evil asshats from the face of the earth.


  1. Hey – You – Yeah You – The people with signs are not “occupiers.” they are people with signs. These people are obviously lunatics. Crazy people are everywhere. To lump them in with the citizens combatting the destruction of the global economy is simply ludicrous and a weak attempt to ruin their reputation. Shame on you. And shame on these people who advocate harming children in unspeakable ways. The name Occupy is some name drummed up by who-knows-who but it stuck and that is what they decided to call this global demonstration where millions of middle class are seeing their assets lose value, their jobs shipped off to cheap labor and their ability to sustain a lifestyle at all diminished to zero.

    Geesh. How could you get that wrong? Trouble maker, perhaps?

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