Score 1 for Fox News today, -1 for Texas Libertarians Cohabitating with Obama’s CAIR

Two items “just in, over the wire…”

Together, they show why people who believe in American principles shake their head, when they see anti-Zionists mouthing off against that tiny nation returned to its homeland in God’s history and providence, after all these years. The ongoing atrocities fed and led by Rothschilds and friends are thoroughly beside the point.


Joel C. Rosenberg on the tracks to Auschwitz, photo from his flashtrafficblog

One is from our Janet Smiles, forwarding an email entitled “I’ll be on Fox News today at 1:50pm to discuss ‘Implosion,’ from Joel C. Rosenberg – emphasis, bold in gold, added by Gulag Bound.

Joel is an expert in Islamic current events and has great insight into God’s Word and everything that is happening in the Middle East.  I recommend his work highly if you wast to know what is going on and why.


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From: Joel C. Rosenberg

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Joel C. Rosenberg

(Washington, D.C., June 10, 2012) — FYI: I’ve been booked to be interviewed on the Fox News Channel on Sunday afternoon around 1:45pm or 1:50pm eastern on Shannon Bream’s show. The topic will be the dismal state of our culture and economy, the need for a Third Great Awakening, and the release of my new book, “Implosion: Can America Recover From Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges In Time?”

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The book releases nationwide on Tuesday in all major general and Christian bookstores, as well as on Kindle and Nook.

The Implosion Simulcast is on Saturday.

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throughout all the earth.
He is our God.. there is none else

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Question: How are Barack Obama and Texas Libertarians both conspiring with a subversive enemy of America that seeks to replace our national principles with religiously perverse political dogma and dominion, foreign to America, to the violation of our inalienable rights?

A. From Jihad Watch, “Obama Administration admits ‘hundreds’ of closed-door meetings with Hamas-linked CAIR,” June 9, and Atlas Shrugs, “More Obama Betrayal: Administration Admits ‘Hundreds’ of Meetings with Hamas-CAIR.”

B. This comes from another correspondent, Mark S. McGrew, showing something very nasty lurking in Texas.

The Texas Libertarian Party has a speaker at their convention Sunday, the head of Texas CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations).

10:30 am – 12:00 noon: “Profiling in America” with Mustafaa Carroll (CAIR)


News articles about CAIR are below. Notice the past head of Texas CAIR was convicted of terrorist financing.

FBI Cuts Ties With CAIR Following Terror Financing Trial
Read more:

BOMBSHELL: FBI Director Says CAIR Is Terror-Linked

Federal Judge Confirms that C.A.I.R. Supports Hamas Terrorist Organization

Texas CAIR leader convicted on terror charges

Judge upholds [Texas]CAIR official’s conviction in terrorism funding case

CAIR locations from their site


  1. More mindless libertarian bashing. Just because he’s invited to speak doesn’t mean everyone at the LP of Texas agrees with the guy from CAIR. Do you agree with everything Romney says when he’s going to be the GOP nominee?

    Anyway, I noticed Kincaid pulled down his stupid post over at AIM about ‘Russian dupes’ being behind the Bilderberg protests.

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