The Sovereignty Imperative: On it with Rick Wiles, TruNews

SovCamIt was my privilege yesterday to talk with Rick Wiles and Christian listeners of the World Harvest Radio network, about Henry Lamb and his devotion to our essential gift of popular and national sovereignty. I also got to introduce the new Sovereignty Campaign to many (, @SovCam).

The Sovereignty Campaign, what is that about, you ask? I think it will help to listen (see Wedesday June 6, 2012).

Rick Wiles and TruNews do an excellent job of presenting the news each day. (And yes, we will report and lend thoughts pertaining to the infant corpses I mentioned. We have already given our perspective on our impending economic collapse, to which Rick alluded.)

The second segment entails an interview of Amie Stepanovich of the Electronic Privacy Information Center ( who explained the vast technocratic capabilities of government’s use of drones, to further encroach upon and control our lives.

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