Soviet Fronts Still Operational

New Zeal

While the Soviet Union “collapsed” 21 years ago, all of its major international fronts are still active.

They’re all run by networks of communist parties and are still as virulently anti-American as ever.

The largest front organization, the World Peace Council, has a big gathering coming up in communist controlled Nepal.

Helping the Obama Administration with its goal of destroying US military superiority, in favor of Russia, China and Iran, will no doubt be a major topic for discussion.


  1. You forgot to mention the world’s most powerful Marxist front: the Forum of Sao Paulo.

    Create by Castro and Brazil’s Lula, it now comprises governments, political parties and terrorist groups such as the Colombian FARC. They have taken over the continent for the Bolivarian Marxist revolution. Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, They all have fallen to the the Forum.

    Please research on this topic !

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