Scott Walker’s Advice to Mitt Romney

New Zeal

Congratulations to Scott Walker for decisively winning the Governorship recall race in Wisconsin!

After throwing everything they could into the battle, the unions/communists still lost by 9 points. The left is panicking now – and so they should be.

I saw Scott Walker speak at CPAC and was very, very impressed. He knew exactly what was at stake in this election and he didn’t blow it.

On behalf of freedom lovers all over the globe, thank you Scott Walker and all who helped achieve this great victory.

Roll on… the second American revolution.


  1. Walker is an authoritarian globalist that wants to privatize everything in Wisconsin for the elite. There are two sides to the dialectic and both lead to UN Agenda 21. I find no relief with Walker’s win. I live in Wisconsin. Walker and the Republicans in this state are just as dirty as any of the dems or the unions. That is our reality now and the sooner people understand that, the sooner we the people can clear our heads of the propaganda and the false left/right paradigm.

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