Obama and Israel: The Undermining of a Historic Relationship

Obama on the phone with Netanyahu, photographed bottom of shoes first (one of at least two posed, Muslim-poignant shoe-bottom photos of Obama communicating with Israel's Prime Minister)


Hat Tip: Logan Churchwell
Accuracy in Media

Barack Obama’s policies and behavior toward the State of Israel suggest a profound lack of understanding and sympathy for America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East. Through his actions and statements, the President has done much to undermine the historic relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and has seriously risked the security of the Jewish State.

From demanding unprecedented building freezes in Jerusalem, to insisting on 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations, to flip-flopping on the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and engaging with the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region, President Obama has set back the prospects for peace between the two parties.

This video, produced by Accuracy in Media, documents President Obama’s often hostile, one-sided pressure on Israel. It also shows how the President will do anything to ensure his own chances for re-election, even if it means allowing Iran to continue developing nuclear weapons while it plays a cynical game of stalling and deception.

Assisted by a biased media, Obama has turned his back on more than six decades of American-Israeli friendship.


  1. America must act in American interests first, foremost, and only.

    What is interesting is how the road to this war is being paved with the same lies and assumptions as the one in Iraq.

    If Obama wanted to be re-elected, the best thing he could do is “push the button”.

    I do not like the Marxist Obama, but neither do I like American blood and money going towards global gun control for Israel’s benefit. Israel gets enough money from us, for nothing in return. They do not need our military or verbal support. Let them attack Iran if they wish, and let them deal with the consequences.

    Acting alone and living with the consequences is adulthood, and freedom. Time for Israel to grow up.


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