Alex Jones of InfoWars Sticks His Foot in it at Bilderberg, Chantilly, VA

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Original post: June 1, 2012, 1:26pm CT

Here is the link to their live feed, for today and through the weekend into Sunday. At times the broadcast is live, at times it is not. It may become difficult to tell.

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In my perspective:

While Alex Jones refers to more facts than fallacy or falsity, by a fair counting and sorting through his references, he is at times, quick to hyperbole, and accepts significantly suspicious people into his circles. Point is, he is there and doing the work to expose real evil – actual executive management if you will, for the violation of American Popular Sovereignty and national sovereignty, done in darkness.


Alex Jones

Now this is unfortunate. I confess I had some hope he was pulling himself out of some bad habits.

Bilderberg meeting
June 2, 2012

Alex Jones: Bilderberg attendees eat babies wrapped in gold foil

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Spokane Conservative Examiner



According to Infowars’ Alex Jones, attendees at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, eat babies wrapped in gold foil, The Blaze reported Saturday.

A “video posted online captured Jones shouting into a bullhorn outside the meeting place, claiming Bilderberg members ‘ship in roasted babies wrapped in gold foil for them to eat’ — and making it clear he wasn’t kidding,” Madeleine Morgenstern wrote.

“Alright this is just a person going to pick somebody up, they’re probably bringing him some child to rape or something in the trunk — no I’m not kidding, these people are sick,” Jones said to protesters at the meeting as a car pulled up to the facility.

“Every week they catch them shipping little babies wrapped in gold foil for these guys to eat. They admit that’s where it goes to, I’m not making this up,” he added.

continues at

Let us say this highly unlikely claim were true. If so, is it good to spout it out without any verification? No. Does it show Alex Jones an alarmist-to-hyper-alarmist? I think so. And he does need to be cautiously monitored, as Cliff Kincaid has brought out.

There is plenty of conclusive evidence to support the true claim that mega-wealthy central banksters are investing in the longstanding efforts to turn the world into one authoritarian, “global governance” playground for the 1% of 1% of 1% of 1%, using both communists and their tycoon transnationalist foils, among others, to do so.  So, why hurl unsubstantiated and absurd sounding claims into the air?

Why indeed?

To beg the question, let us hypothetically put ourselves in the place of truly evil people with more money than any nation, if it were pooled. Let us say we want to control the world and according to actual plans such as those of Agenda 21, we want to reduce and control the world’s population. If we thought about it (or paid some of the world’s most intelligent minds to think about it) would we not surmise that:

  1. many people would find out about it and get upset
  2. these people would begin to find ways to get their facts and concerns out, even if we did nearly fully control mass media, one way or another
  3. this is bound to become a threat
  4. it would be in “our” (evil, conniving, globalist) interest, to plant figures into their midst, who would lead them astray and make them look like fools

I am not here to personally make a case against anyone, but I am here to provoke the visitor to think, as well as to present facts. When one hears unsubstantiated and divisive, alarmist or in some cases, pacifying claims from any number of people (if these names are not familiar to you, they are searchable) whether they be…

  • Benjamin Fulford
  • David Wilcock
  • Lyndon LaRouche
  • Wayne Tarpley
  • David Icke
  • Jeff Rense, or
  • Alex Jones

…(people who maintain some different claims, I do not lump them all together as if they all purport exactly the same thing) one should examine them as well as all others concerned. We should do this trained by good epistemology, wide-eyed, and head on a swivel. And in addition to verifiability, a very significant question to ask is: what effects are they having – or would they tend to have, if more come to believe them?

One does not know anything until he empirically (experientially and through sound-minded thought) may. We know there are bad guys who are very powerful and who also operate very strategically, including Marxists who have, I am told, often relied upon controlled opposition, lemming leaders, and straw men figures.

My advise to Alex Jones: if you are a patriot, why would you want to put that into doubt, by acting like a straw man for the ridiculing (see Alinsky) and marginalizing of the entire effort to discover and disclose exactly what is going on in the world? Why?


  1. Good question. Why?

  2. Perhaps a better question is why you missed the real news?

    Alex Jones revealed a secret society of foreign and domestic government officials and their wealthy patrons, some if not all of whom practice Satanic rituals with child corpses of untraceable origin:

    Thai police arrest man after babies’ bodies found roasted, wrapped in gold leaf

    By staff and news services

    Thai police arrested a British man Friday after discovering six human babies which had been roasted and wrapped in gold leaf in preparation for a type of black magic ritual, according to reports.

    Police said Friday that they found the corpses packed into suitcases in Bangkok’s Chinatown on Thursday, the AFP news agency reported. Chow Hok Kuen, a British citizen born in Hong Kong of Taiwanese parents, was being held for possession of human remains.

    Kuen had reportedly bought the corpses several days before for 200,000 baht ($6,400) and planned to smuggle them into Taiwan. It was not reported where he bought them, but police speculated it was in Thailand.

    Although some media reports indicated that the bodies were fetuses, Wiwat Kumchumnan of Bangkok police’s children and women protection unit told Reuters that the bodies were of children “between the ages of two and seven months. Some were found covered in gold leaf.”

    Police had received a tip-off that infant corpses were being offered to wealthy clients through a website advertising black magic services.

  3. Francis Flandro says

    Yes, Alex gets a bit carried away sometimes. This exuberance can be likened to spiking the football in the end zone during the superbowl. Take the penalty and move on. All in all, I’d say Alex Jones is 99%+ on target.

    Did you happen to catch the SPLC Summer 2012 Radical Watch list?

    I can’t quite figure out how Malik Zulu Shabazz fits their bill. Perhaps it has something to do with an elitist’s obsessive sense of balance. For example, compare the list of people banned from the UK. The list that includes Michael Savage. See what I mean?

    – Francis Flandro

  4. Jones said “Our entire society is ruled and controlled by deep occultists”, and although that seems crazy to the average American, it is a truth that most people fail to perceive, while evidence is all around us that we are losing our freedom along with our jobs. And there is a reason for that. His documentaries, “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove”, and “The Order of Death”, and “Terrorstorm”, and “Endgame” should be required viewing in every public school.

    People need to learn what is inside the heads of our “leaders” and why the WTC disaster occurred on 9/11, and possibly why the Japanese reactor disaster occurred on 3/11, and how numerology and occult beliefs govern those who govern us. There are not many dates that are significant to occultists, but oddly most major events happen on one of those significant dates and if you still believe in coincidences after seeing an Alex Jones documentary, then you need to see more of them.

    While you enjoy the films, try to remember the last time you read of a state or federal law being enacted that abolished a tax, reduced a penalty or fine, or dispensed with a licensing requirement, or made life easier or less expensive for the average American. Why is it that the only time a limit is placed on government, it comes only from grassroots propositions placed on the ballot by concerned citizens, and seldom, if ever, from the Legislature or Congress, and then only with loopholes for themselves? Who benefits from Americans being unemployed? Why has Congress deliberately chased jobs out of America with taxes and regulations? Who wants America to become a failed state and why?

    T.V. network news celebrities don’t give the answers. They never ask questions that require such answers. You may never hear how US administrations protect Russian arms traders until they are no longer useful. You won’t know that Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA as “Tim Osman”, or that a US counterintelligence agent discovered that Al Qaeda remained the operational arm and in communication with the CIA on 9/11. You may never discover that a top Al Qaeda leader attended a dinner with Pentagon officials after 9/11. Alex Jones and his guests have the truth that you won’t find anywhere else. And you definitely will not like the truth.

  5. Sir, I listened to you on TruNews. Here’s my reply to Clifford Kincaid:

    Russia Today and Ron Paul:
    Enemies of the State?

    By Publius

    Last weekend marked an interesting spectacle in the northern Virginia countryside. Hundreds of protesters led by Austin-based talk radio host Alex Jones converged on the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia for a weekend of bull-horning and picketing the Fortune 100 CEOs, high level pundits, global bureaucrats and politicians meeting inside the high fences around the hotel grounds. The Bilderberg group, a collection of high-rollers named for the hotel at which they first gathered in the 1950s in the Netherlands, were having their annual conclave. As the secretive Bilderbergers go well beyond Chatham House rules to keep no authorized records of their deliberations, they’ve been the subject of conspiracy theories dating back to their origins as a club for tycoons and foreign policy ‘wise men’ from both sides of the Atlantic formed nearly sixty years ago. It is now more or less acknowledged on Wikipedia and through numerous participants’ boasting to the press over the years that the group played a key role in catalyzing the formation of the European common market, and perhaps even the now-troubled European common currency, the euro. That made the event even more scrutinized this year as the euro lurches from crisis to crisis with politicians and pundits alike seeing no comprehensive solution in sight.

    In a sign of the interesting times in which we live, where theories once safely consigned to the ‘fringe’ have now forced their way into the mainstream media, the event was covered by the UK Guardian, Politico, The Daily Caller, and of course, Mr. Jones’ website and the Jones-friendly sites like World Net Daily and The Drudge Report. Even The Washington Post, whose owners in the Graham family have been on the published list of Bildeberg participants for decades, was forced to cover the event — after being prodded by their D.C. newsjunkie-feeding rivals at Politico (oddly enough Mike Allen, one of the co-founders of Politico, also happens to be the son of the author who wrote the one-world conspiracy Bible “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” for the marginalized John Birch Society back in the 1960s, though the views of the son clearly cannot be conflated with those of the father).

    As far as Bildeberg’s impact on Russia goes, the list of 2012 attendees published on the group’s own web page includes Igor Ivanov, a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (think rising Western interest in Russian technologies and the Skolkovo project) and longtime Russian opposition activist and former world champion chess player, Garry Kasparov. While the Daily Caller’s “reporter” tried to mock the protesters by picking out the grungiest to put on camera (an old media trick), it’s the inclusion of Kasparov that must lead an honest analyst to think that Bilderberg really is a collection of irrelevant elderly men out of touch with reality (co-founding members David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are both well into their eighties). Kasparov after all, has had even less success running for President in Russia than Lyndon LaRouche has in the United States.

    And yet in this 2012 year where apocalyptic fringe ideas finally broke out into the mainstream press to be alternatively debated or mocked, from the mysterious Planet X to the Mayan calendar, not everyone is happy. For it seems certain conspiracy theories – particularly if they support the current crumbling U.S. status quo – are clearly more equal than others. While claims that the financial crisis in Europe and around the world is being exploited by the likes of billionaire George Soros to call for a common European fiscal policy — in other words, a United States of Europe led by Germany assuming all the debts of the prodigal southern Europeans — seem to be quite acceptable among conservatives, there are nonetheless alleged to be dark Kremlin creations infiltrating America to exploit the current libertarian-establishmentarian clash on the Right.

    I’m referring of course, to Accuracy in Media’s Clifford Kincaid, who denounced the Bildeberg protesters in this article (if one can call the less-than-coherent piece that) as Kremlin dupes. If Mr. Kincaid were alone in his Glenn Beck-style connect-the-dots rants (which oddly mirror those of his nemesis, Alex Jones) they could safely be ignored. But there’s plenty of other bloggers and Tweeters, ranging from Mr. Kincaid to the ‘nuclear holocaust/World War III is imminent’ theorist J.R. Nyquist, and hordes of anonymous Twitter feeds who are advancing the same Narrative — too many perhaps, to be a coincidence.

    In this Narrative, the Kremlin is seeking to infiltrate the American Right. Russia Today, the Kremlin’s evil propaganda channel, has turned libertarians into useful idiots for its propaganda, just as generations of Leftists wittingly or unwittingly serving as dupes for the Communist Party USA — which historians have learned since the collapse of the USSR was undeniably taking its orders straight from Moscow. This Grand Kremlin Conspiracy to Control the anti-war Libertarian U.S. Right allegedly extends beyond Mr. Jones in Austin or the rabble-rousing, foul-mouthed anti-war ex-Marine in suburban D.C. Adam Kokesh to include Emmanuel Goldstein number one: Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

    What ties all of these disparate individuals together, allegedly, is the simple fact that they’ve been favorite guests of Russia Today TV in the past few years, including after the channel opened a multi-million dollar RT America studio a few blocks from the White House in Washington D.C. in 2009. The Narrative is in short, a conspiracy theory of guilt by association, despite the fact that as Paul’s presidential campaign reached its high water mark in January 2012 during the Iowa caucuses; the Texas Congressman was curiously absent from RT’s YouTube and cable channel. Perhaps the threat of being labeled a Kremlin plant by proxies of his opponents shifted Team Paul away from RT interviews. But that certainly didn’t stop Paul from spending considerable air time with the 9/11 Truther Alex Jones during the same critical campaigning period.

    It’s understandable why RT’s top decision makers, including the channel’s young editor in chief Margarita Simonyan, would like to see the U.S. follow Paul’s foreign policy views implemented. If the 76-year-old were elected President, there likely wouldn’t be U.S. military bases in over 100 countries around the world, including in former Soviet Central Asian republics which Russia regards as within its influence. If Europeans wanted to build the Nabucco pipeline for oil and gas to bypass Russia, they’d have to do it with subsidies from their own taxpayers rather than the U.S. Israel would also have to fend for herself, though as Paul pointed out during the GOP presidential debates, without the strings that come attached with Washington’s aid. The ballistic missile defense system being constructed in Europe, ostensibly to protect from an Iranian missile strike (though one wonders if the system would still be justifiable in the event Iran’s nuclear capabilities are destroyed by a U.S. or Israeli strike), would also be scrapped by a Paul Administration.

    But…since Paul only won a handful of states with virtually the entire infrastructure of the Republican Party against him even in rural states like Iowa or Maine, all of these scenarios are irrelevant. The fact that Paul’s supporters have since seized the GOP reins in Louisiana, despite incumbent attempts to literally throw them out, won’t change the outcome of this November’s election. But it makes for an interesting 2016 should Mitt Romney and the Republicans fail to unseat Barack Obama from the White House this November.

    The only thing that has changed is that Paul’s young, fervent supporters along with the Tea Party have revived a GOP brand that had ossified in recent years and become associated with unpopular open-ended Mideast wars and federal bailouts that contradict much of what the Republican Party claims to support. Those Republican positions also contradict Reagan’s foreign policy of projecting power while minimizing boots on the ground and Eisenhower’s warnings against the depredations of a military-industrial-scientific complex. At any rate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney clearly wants Paul’s voters to turn out for him this November, judging by the respectful meetings he’s had with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the elder Paul’s best-known son. The younger Paul has avoided beating against the Federal Reserve barricades and instead focused his fire on the nearly-universally disliked TSA and their intrusive airport pat downs of children and the elderly. Senator Paul was also featured on YouTube recently asking his fellow Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham whether U.S. citizens are subject to the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act’s indefinite detention provision (as a New York City federal judge has found, citizens are subject to it, but the unconstitutional law remains blocked thanks to a court challenge by American journalists).

    And this is where we get to the heart of the problem with the Establishment Right Narrative; rather than discuss how European Union bureaucrats are seeking to have the American taxpayer and Federal Reserve shore up their Tottering Tower of Babel, a decaying pro-Status Quo Right increasingly wants to talk about “foreign agitprop”. Rather than follow their criticism of the European Central Bank to the logical conclusion that the Federal Reserve has no business doing multi-trillion dollar currency swaps with the ECB, they want to talk about how the top financial blog in the U.S., Zerohedge, is a front for a Bulgarian KGB agent and his son, Daniel Ivandjiiski (who denies being the main author behind the website). Rather than discuss the troubling influence Saudi Arabia or Qatar may have over the Obama Administration’s Syria policy and how a post-Assad Syria will look for Syrian Christians, they want to depict all opponents of direct NATO military intervention in that country as apologists for the blood-stained Assad regime.

    Last of all, the pro-endless war Establishmentarians insist the Obama Administration adopted the Reset policy toward Russia because Obama is allegedly a socialist who wants to see America humiliated. This particular talking point is echoed over and over again on Republican-leaning talk radio, to the extent Russia is discussed at all. Obama didn’t seek better relations with the Kremlin because the Pentagon had lost its supply route through Pakistan to Afghanistan and badly needed the Russian Railways’ to maintain the ‘Northern Route’. He certainly didn’t seek it because many Fortune 100 corporations from BP and Exxon to Boeing lobbied for Russia to finally be admitted into the WTO many years after undemocratic China joined the club. If critics of the Reset were to acknowledge those companies’ quiet support for the Reset, then they’d have to admit a Romney camp that counts many of the same companies among its donors might not end up being as confrontational toward Moscow as they’d like.

    In their visible desperation and hastiness to label all critics of Washington’s foreign and domestic policies as agitators funded by foreign intelligence services, the D.C. ‘conservative’ Establishmentarians resemble the tired old Communist Party members writing for Pravda or Izvestia cerca 1988 as the USSR began to fall apart from its own internal contradictions. Even if the Reagan Administration’s economic warfare helped to speed up the Soviet collapse that does not mean that Vladimir Putin is hellbent on avenging the Soviet Union’s demise by promoting the break-up of the United States. The collapse of American demand for imports, after all, would destroy Russia’s top trading partners in Europe and China. It would also leave Russia in a world without allies against an angry, economically damaged China which would need to distract her jobless young men.

    If Mesrs. Jones or the ‘birthers’ of World Net Daily are filling the gap by injecting their conspiracy theories on top of reporting about important meetings such as Bildeberg, mainstream media decision makers only have themselves to blame for failing to cover these issues in a non-conspiratorial way (for example, by asking Mr. Obama to produce his birth certificate in mid-2008, far before he cynically deployed it as a prop to make his opponents look nuts). If the mainstream Right wants to take back the question of transnationalism and whether it’s subversive toward liberal democracy from the likes of Alex Jones, why not promote the work of Hudson Institute scholar John Fonte or the late Samuel P. Huntington? The latter addressed the issue of the neo-feudal ‘Davos Man’ in his final book, Who Are We?, suggesting America’s highest flyers increasingly are alienated from their countrymen and don’t care. The former published a book in 2011 that in many ways anticipates attempts to transfer supranational EU model to America, titled “Sovereignty or Submission? Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others?”

    The popularity of Mr. Jones (his YouTube videos often get tens if not hundreds of thousands of hits) and his more X-Files-inclined friends at shows like Coast to Coast AM should teach self-satisfied members of the ‘mainstream’ in both news and politics that nature abhors a vacuum. And as the recent example of Greece electing a parliament with a large number of quasi-fascists and Communists in it shows, polarization and conspiracy theories are a symptom of a larger moral and socio-economic decline, not the disease itself.

    As for Russia Today, it is what it is. After years of watching U.S. taxpayer-funded outlets like Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty cover marginal dissidents and discontent with the Kremlin, RT is taking advantage of the U.S. economic crisis to pay back Washington in spades. Theories that the FSB planted bombs in apartment blocs in 1999 shortly before Putin took office to justify a ground invasion of Chechnya in 2000 are eerily mirror-images of “9/11 was an inside job” theories popular on the Internet and routinely spread on Mr. Jones site. Theories that the Russian Orthodox Church is nothing more than an arm of the old KGB is matched by claims that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is preparing to keep Americans docile under martial law with “Clergy Response Teams” that will tell Americans to turn in their guns and gold. This pointless propaganda war between the Kremlin and the West has become so transparently tit for tat it’s getting comical. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on solving both countries problems instead, as naive as that may sound? Wouldn’t the energies of certain ‘conservatives’ be better spent trying to put their fellow citizens back to work rather than denouncing them as modern day “Hanoi Janes”?

    If the U.S. maintains its Constitutional republic, greater freedoms for Russia and the rest of the world will follow. But if the U.S. loses those freedoms, all the foreign money and favorable Tweeting in the world won’t save Russians from their country getting dragged down into a global dark age. And in their zeal to denounce anyone who dares go on Russia Today to air their gripes with America, one must wonder whether some in D.C. love freedom of speech more than they love the reassuring chill of an eternal Cold War.

    Publius is a journalist who’s previously lived and worked in Washington D.C. The views expressed here are solely his own.

  6. In other words Mr. Williams, while I have my problems with Alex Jones, I have a much bigger problem with Mr. Kincaid and believe he and many others have been co-opted into Cass Sunstein-style efforts to provoke ‘cognitive dissonance among conspiracy theorists’.

    Cliff if you’re reading this, shame on you sir. Don’t sell out to the people you claim you’ve been fighting for thirty years. Putin’s people aren’t the ones groping your wife or daughters at our airports. Enough already.

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