An Obamney Reminder from Captain Kirk

Sometimes, a tad of communication in email or social media becomes an item for the Gulag. I found this graphic in Facebook. In addition to some “likes” and sympathetic commentary, it got a snarky little comment from someone who may believe too much, what he is told to believe.

The graphic:

The swipe:

Ahhh…Paulbots. When are they going to realize Ron Paul is never going to be elected? Not even in some alternate Star Trek universe with evil Spock.

The rejoinder:

[Name, name, & name], when the world is about to be taken over by a coalition of Communists and corrupt transnationalist banksters and tycoons, what difference does it make which kind is in the White House (and Treasury, the Capitol, and all those other pretty buildings)?

Ron Paul? Try Carroll Quigley. You seem to have a preference for his kinds of people?

(I am a Palin and Gingrich supporter, more than Paul, personally, but I’d crawl over broken glass to get Paul elected over Obama or Romney.)

If all that strikes you as odd, you could either start with Quigley, one villain of many, or with a hero who at times stood alone, Mr. Dodd. That man may be quizzical to many but should never be mistaken for Quixotic; one of the greatest heroes of the last one-hundred years, along with our recently passed compatriot, Mr. Lamb.

Haven’t heard these names referred to before, in such context? All the more reason to click, look, and listen.

A throw-in:

From the frontier of inner space of boardrooms, grand yachts, and manors, chalets, villas, and... dachas - reach out and boldly explore - click to enlarge

Huh, looks like James Tiberius Kirk wasn’t a Star Trek Republican after all.
Gene Roddenberry, the Aspen Institute, the CFR, and all the weird Bohemian Clubbers
must have been disappointed.


  1. The President, Barack Obama is a fraud. Now, Hawaii is involved in the cover-up and the fraud of this man is going to be exposed. (video-+30minutes):

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