Robert Mugabe the UN’s Version of a ‘Leader for Tourism’

Let’s hit Travelocity, pack our bags, and jet with Robert. Will he be hosting travelogues featuring all the latest hot spots of economic collapse and societal chaos, Zimbabwe-style? Would that this were an only an unreality show and not an UN reality.

What more does one need to know, to see that Marxofascists (neoMarxists finding a globalist version of socioeconomic fascism a convenient Hegelian synthesis and fascists finding these Marxists useful, if idiotic) are the heart and soul of the United Nations?

From Against all Enemies

Robert Mugabe as UN “Leader for Tourism”

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has reportedly been asked by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to be a “leader for tourism.”   If you recall, Mugabe used state security forces to remain in power even though he lost the election of 2008 (he intimidated the people to vote for him in a run-off election) (source).  He would make a great tour guide in Hell.  Maybe we should relocate the Headquarters of the United Nations there as well.

Source article.

And clicking through, one finds yet another punchline. The Guardian’s chief complaint about him is that he’s not for homosexual “marriage.”

Welcome to the world, the world of Ban Ki-moon, Maurice Strong, George Soros, Barack Obama, and come to think, Mitt Romney. Has it really gone this insane, or is it just all those Pinkys and Brains that want to rule it (i.e., us)?

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