‘Women Don’t Need Men to Raise Children’ – Oh Really?

Witness the case of Barack Obama

The love of a FatherIt was widely reported yesterdaythat Jennifer Aniston, comely, blond, popular and unmarried, 41 year old actress made a bold statement that women no longer need men to raise children. (I assume that they are still necessary, at least by contribution, to conceive a child, but I guess I’m being nit-picky).

The statement was debated and dismissed: “one third of the babies born in America are born to unwed mothers.”  We have to believe that fathers are unnecessary… or… what?

Kelly O’Connell,  in CanadaFreePress.com,  has done a little more research into this subject than the glib entertainment purveyors of gossip TV shows.  There is empirical evidence contradicting Ms Aniston’s theory, which our society would do well to heed.

“Does Obama’s anti-democratic ideology result from his dysfunctional childhood? An intriguing book, Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism, by Paul Vitz, argues this type background is a common precursor to the classic tyrant’s personality. This suggests Barack’s beef with America might result from his own deficient past.”

Yes, it is possible to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children when there is no father in the home.  We are all sympathetic to mothers who have been abandoned by husbands or who have lost them to death.  My concern is that women today are being duped into assuming that fathers are no longer relevant or necessary to a child and they are deliberately choosing to bring a fatherless child into the world.

To women I say, think again.  To men I say “Man up.”  Raise your children, sacrifice and make the world a better place — and don’t just create children and walk away.  Lost, fatherless people need love, the love of a father, your love is irreplaceable.


h/t Donna Clark

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