6/6 UPDATING: Vote Fraud Reports in Wisconsin’s Walker Recall Election

UPDATE 6/6/2012, 11:49pm CT

With the resounding Walker/Kleefisch victory and on the “cusp of a recall sweep” for Wisconsin Republicans, it’s all over but the shouting yet to come and the investigations that must come (see below). I’ll have one or two more update(s) to this entry. In the mean time…

This insanity has afforded me the opportunity to get to know my polling officials better (thank you, unionistas). And I like to have a little fun with our intrepid neighborhood volunteers each time I vote (every couple weeks or something like that?).

So at their check-in tables yesterday, I told them I know we’re not supposed to discuss candidates right here, but I did walk  ‘ere, to vote. Two stared blankly, straight ahead, but one lifted his face with a bit of a squint and I follow-up: now come on, it’s not like you can’t bear it at all to hear.

He told me he could have pleasantly gone through the remaining hours till the polls closed, without having heard that.

Poor Wisconsin polling officials.

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 23:22pm CT

Hm… in Bid Government, 119%? 96%?

Report: 119% Voter Turnout in Madison, WI

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 9:41pm CT

While the numbers look great for Walker/Kleefisch and for the other Republicans being hit with recalls, the numbers should narrow significantly, as they nearly always do, since inner city totals come in late. Furthermore, this time, reports indicate massive voter herding in Milwaukee, Racine, and Madison.

Tom Barrett is not conceding the election because of the long lines still outside of voting places in Milwaukee (due to same day registration).

The key from the exit polls being bandied about is that sixty percent of Wisconsin voters believe that recall votes should simply not occur unless the office holder is shown to have committed significant misconduct.

It was fourteen Democrat senators that behaved in the shady way, leaving the state in  order to obstruct the constitutional course of legislation in Wisconsin.

Whatever the result, it is imperative that allegations of improprieties be legally investigated. This bellwether state of Wisconsin, focused upon by Marxists for over one hundred years and the target of numerous kinds of vote manipulation, continues to be a focal point in the eyes of the nation – and whatever others invest in bringing it down.

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 8:44pm CT

Anita MonCreif has detailed the problems with Wisconsin’s Swiss cheese voting regulations:

The Problem with Same Day Voter Registration

October 29, 2010

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 8:13pm CT

In Pundit Press:

Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

Posted by Aurelius at 5:18 PM

UPDATE: Fraudulent ballot applications believed found, while another man tries to vote twice!

From students using class schedules to “prove” that they live in Wisconsin (but not who they actually are), to multiple accounts of people being “bused” in, dozens of accounts of Democrat and Union attempts to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin have hit the news. One town even has turnout that was reportedly six times the votes normally cast in a “heavy” participation election- and that was at 10:30 am in the morning.

First is a story from Milwaukee…  continues

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 4:47pm CT

Keep an eye on Waukesha county. A rumor has gotten onto the local airwaves that there is a spy provocateur somewhere in the vote counting mix, in this heavy Republican county. It was previously a center of a great deal of vote counting controversy.

UPDATE 6/5/2012, 3:06pm CT

Caller into radio program alleges four busloads of people from the Detroit area, to vote in Wisconsin for Tom Barrett, at A Time for Choosing:

by | June 5, 2012 · 2:44 pm

Breaking: Union Thugs Allegedly Busing in Voters from Michigan to Vote in Wisconsin Recall

Madison’s WIBA radio is also reporting (including the Vicki McKenna program, 3pm-6pm).

June 4, 2012, 5:04pm CT

How to Look for Vote Fraud in Wisconsin’s Walker Recall Election Results

With all due apologies, we’ve been distracted by numerous things and I didn’t get a major factoid-filled update done which covers the various transformations of non-voters into voters and all the voter-livery services performed in Wisconsin by the neo-Marxist left. It is being treated in other venues. Witnesses report vans and busses coming to the polling places, day after day, with early voting applications in various states of completion.

Here are suggestions, as voting draws to a close, tomorrow. (We used to call that, “Election Day,” but now with the Cloward-Piven-Soros rules, it is merely the last day.)

The voter collection and herding approach of the unionista Democrats may mean as much as a 3% advantage over any of the latest polls. Just as in Nevada, California, and Alaska in 2010, my suspicion here is, if there is any further shift from the latest polls to the ultimate results, it may be due to out and out fraud.

Here are the latest polls, from RealClearPolitics.com, where the average shows Scott Walker carrying a 6.7% advantage. I suggest not minding the PPP poll that much; they are among the least accurate, historically.

I loosely estimate that means it should be likely that Walker wins by about 3.5%, tomorrow, emphasis “should.”

And these sites “should” carry live results, tomorrow (if they don’t, I’ll still think they should have):

Here are sites one may check, from conservative or center-right sources in Wisconsin:

A good old general search may also help:

And one place to get the Wisconsin news from the sinister side:

Original post, May 24, 11:03am

Vote Fraud in Wisconsin’s Walker Recall Election?

Beginning perhaps the first day of early voting, Monday 21st, the  witnesses began to see vanloads of people are coming to polling places in Wisconsin for early voting. This is happening in Milwaukee and other cities. Vans are being rented and perhaps buses as well. In at least one case, a van driver was seen speaking with a man with Missouri license plates on the car he drove.

Calls have been made to the state board of elections, run by a Democrat (name to come) and in at least one case, the concerned party was told dismissively by the office not to worry about it, there is no problem.

Apparently, witnesses are finding that the bussed-in voters are having help filling out their early voting applications ahead of time and perhaps having them filled out for them. According to law, these applications must be signed by the voter in the presence of election officials.

The actual polling day is Tuesday, June 5.

Early voting has been on the agenda of the radical left for decades. It was a major agenda item for the Cloward-Piven saboteur team, as well as for criminally convicted saboteur, George Soros and at least one of his sons. We have begun to see why.

We should be updating again, in the morning. (We have been interrupted by sad news, the passing of a national hero, Henry Lamb, many of whose recent articles are published in Gulag Bound with more to come. We will be publishing information about Henry Lamb’s works and life soon.)

And if you have news, feel free to comment below or send an email to SerfsUp@GulagBound.com.


  1. Why is there a question mark at the end of your title sentence?

    If folks don’t know by now that our elections are a sham complete with massive voter fraud then it may be far too late to save the Republic.

    Everyone in Wisconsin should be taking their cameras — preferably with video capability — and spending some extra time before and after voting gathering evidence of these vehicles and voters.


  2. For Chrissakes people, don’t just report this stuff – VIDEO these actions (Missouri tags) and flood YouTube with it. Keep shining lights on these roaches and make them run. Enough videos of this stuff might force the authorities to finally act. Maybe, maybe not, but make ’em sweat anyway instead of just wringing our hands.

    • srsly, you want to video tape people voting? putting the recall sigs online wasn’t enough but now if i want to practice my constitutional rights as a private citizen i must be subject to video tape(intimidation) by other private citizens because of the possibly color of my skin or where i live might make it likely that i’ll vote democratic even after i’ve ignored the robo-call that told me to vote on the wrong day or that if i signed the recall i should not need to vote.

  3. so helping people get to the polls and vote is fraud now? how about the republicans robo-calling people with misinformation about the election. that is actual voter fraud that can be proved. How about republicans caught on video voting as other members in the state capitol? That is also verifiable fraud. Also didn’t you find it funny that with two hours left in the election aprox 15 wards in milwauker began running out of ballots. Pftt, what a partisan hack

    • Anon, they ran out of ballots because of all the bused-in same day registrants. Unionistas were lying left and right, to voters, giving them whatever….

      Your other points are worth checking out, thank you.

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