Islam is Not ‘Part of the American Family’ nor of Western Civilization

Gulag Bulletin – See: America’s Most Critical Political Issue: Sovereignty


No, Islam is no more a part of the authentic American vision and culture than any other ruthless authoritarian/totalitarian tyranny, for example, no more American than collectivism (Jacobinism, Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism, Naziism, communitarianism, transnational progressivism). Islam is not a part of the American family any more than the soft (or hard) governance of the United Nations and transnational NGO’s, nor slavery-based, feudalistic, or paternalistic, reverse-mercantilist, corporatocractic multinational companies – nor the central banking criminals who finance every one of the above tyrannies and who incessantly rape America through usury-financed and debauched currency and through hording (including gold and oil, increasingly, medical care, land, water, and food).

There is only one direction to go, from our popular sovereignty and its responsibility and freedom. There is only tyranny outside the guardianship of authentic America.

But, back to Islam, some of the imagery of this video is garish, but it is not out of scope.

Video, “Islam is NOT Part of Western Civilization!
Derived from “Islam Is Not Part of Our Civilization,”
by Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
published at Political Islam

And lest we be confused into thinking American government will be correcting its tragic course regarding Islam under a President Romney, we present this graphic from recent months:

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