2012 NDAA’s Unlawful Search, Seizure, Detainment, or Death Enjoined by Judge, then what?



That means she don’ like it.  ;-` 

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With a link like this, in a Yahoo News search, for “NDAA” over the past week, the entries will update. 

So, let’s keep looking for the “what’s next.”




  1. Brandon Newbright says

    The view that most Americans hold regarding NDAA is pretty scary. A lot of them have never even heard of it before. I asked one person what he thought of NDAA and he said “I don’t know, I don’t keep up with conspiracy theory stuff.” A law that allows US citizens to be detained by the military and shipped to Guantanamo Bay, and it’s a “conspiracy theory?” Now they want to conduct “military operations in cyberspace!” I can see it now: thousands of independent blogs being shut down by the military for alleged terrorist sympathies. I guess the transition to a dictatorship will be quite easy if people have attitudes like that. If you don’t believe that martial law could happen here, just take a look at http://www.martiallawusa.com/wp/?p=26. All the proof is there.

  2. Bloodless Coup says

    A leaked Classified Army Document proves that US Internment Camps (aka Fema Camps) are a stark reality.


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