Milton Freidman Debates Phil Donahue, 1979: The Marxist Movement on Simmer

Capitalism or Socialism which is more virtuous?

The conversation about the “most virtuous” type of government/society is not a new one, nor was it, a generation ago.

This very brief blast from the past (wow, the hair!) between the late economist, Milton Freidman and Marxist sympathizer/TV host Phil Donahue (millionaire) took place 31 years ago.

Those who are compelled to throw rocks at “the rich capitalists” are still trying to demonize the free enterprise system as “greedy,” selfish and lacking “virtue,” using the same tired argument.

Video: “Milton Friedman – Socialism vs. Capitalism”

h/t Robert Spring


  1. One of my favorite clips of all-time. Wish we had a Milton Friedman alive today who could sensibly appeal to the undereducated masses- those who believe that big government is “nice”. Most Americans don’t even realize that every time the government spends, they rob from the people.

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