Four Heroes Countering Agenda 21’s Ecofascist Warfare

Gulag Bulletin – See: America’s Most Critical Political Issue: Sovereignty

Image by Maurice Leloir, 1894

Gulag Bound is a newbie on the scene. We came about on July 4, 2010. Granted, those involved in our research, development, and presentations have been around numerous blocks (and quite a few blocs) and numerous times.

We do follow in the footsteps of heroes. (The common phrase ends in “giants,” but we recognize no uberhumans. Even Nietzsche is dead, as Mark Musser has reminded and to at least my knowledge never even had a begotten son.)

In America, when it comes to opposing the ground war against our sovereignty, freedom, livelihoods and lives known as Agenda 21, we gratefully follow along with Three Musketeers and one d’Artagnan. Of course there are others also worthy of mention; some we have and will again.

Conveniently, all four have Web sites and since they do, rather than expound we will show you videos featuring each. We Citizens should know their work well and continue to follow them. Here they are, listed in a suggested order of those videos.Michael Shaw – President of Freedom Advocates and proprietor of Liberty Garden ( and libertygarden.combio).

Video, “Michael Shaw, Agenda 21

Henry Lamb – Chairman of Sovereignty International, and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc. (,, and, respectively). We publish Henry’s articles.

Video, “Henry Lamb on Agenda 21,”
also features Michael Coffman & Helen Chenoweth,
then please pardon the homespun attachment at the very end

Tom DeWeese – President of the American Policy Center and editor of the DeWeese Report ( and, respectively – bio).

Video, “Tom DeWeese: Agenda 21 & International Redistribution of Wealth

Patrick Wood – Editor of The August Forecast & Review (augustforecast.combio). He is our d’Artagnan, due to his intent focus upon the overlapping subjects of technocracy, the Trilateral Commission, etc.

Video, “Technocracy, Patrick Wood

So, check in with them as well as Gulag Bound’s tag, Agenda 21, when in doubt about green this, sustainable that, and whimpering demise of United States of America the other.

And if you don’t want that to happen, get involved – with their efforts and the Sovereignty Campaign, to vet political candidates according to this core and foundation of America, sovereignty, without which we are no more.

Just a tip.


  1. Arlen, this is a GREAT article .. wonderful. I was thinking James Simpson should be included too. Anyway, nice job .. TRYING to catch up .. keep up .. and do something !!

  2. Yes, great job, except none of these writers have done any original research on communitarianism.

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