Who’s Right about Agenda 21?

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More and more local communities are rising up to oppose local comprehensive land use plans and local ordinances because they claim the policies contained in the documents reflect the recommendations found in the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which result in the loss of property rights and individual freedom. Consequently, proponents of professional planning and sustainable development increase their criticism of the opposition, often resorting to ridicule and personal attacks. So who’s right about Agenda 21?

All the history and information you need to know about Agenda 21 can be found here. The fact is that many people who speak on both sides of this issue are wrong. For example, the American Political Action Committee recently sent an email that said:

UN Agenda 21 could…

  • Wipe private property off the face of the earth.
  • Force you and your family to live in a single-family energy efficient home.
  • Confiscate private farms and farmland.
  • Snatch away private landholdings.
  • Ban individual ownership of cars.

Well, not exactly. Agenda 21 has no enforcement power at all. It is a non-binding document that offers nearly 300 pages of very specific recommendations that may be adopted by nations, states, or local governments. Agenda 21 has no power until a government body incorporates the recommendations into a law, rule, or ordinance. Then, and only then, does the recommendation have legal enforcement authority.

It is true that the official policy of the U.N. is for government to control the use of all land. It is also true that Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 recommends ways for government to take control of land use:

      7.30. Subsequently, all countries should consider developing national land-resource management plans to guide land-resource development and utilization and, to that end, should:
      (a) Establish, as appropriate, national legislation to guide the implementation of public policies for environmentally sound urban development, land utilization, housing and for the improved management of urban expansion;
      (c) Develop fiscal incentives and land-use control measures, including land-use planning solutions for a more rational and environmentally sound use of limited land resources;

This email, however, is designed to scare people into sending a fax to every Senator, a service which the email sender provides for a reasonable fee. Unfortunately, the Senate has nothing to do with the implementation of Agenda 21. It is not a treaty and therefore, does not have to be ratified. No bills come before the Senate requesting funds for Agenda 21. Appropriation bills contain vast sums for “challenge grants,” to be awarded by the EPA and other agencies. Few, if any, Senators recognize these appropriations as funding for Agenda 21. Faxes sent in response to this email are wasted, and worse. For those who may know that Agenda 21 does not need to be ratified, the fax reveals the lack of knowledge of the sender.

Moore County North Carolina’s newspaper, The Pilot, published an article by Joe McDonald that presents a good example of the view held by advocates of Agenda 21. He says: “The document bends over backward to make it clear that the sovereignty of each member country is to be respected.” This is quite true — because the document has no power until its recommendations become local law. McDonald also says:

      “Agenda 21 was largely put aside and forgotten about until a gentleman out in California named Michael Shaw, with his Freedom 21 organization, decided that the concept of sustainable development is actually a cover for a communist plot to abolish private property rights and to take over the world.”

Not true. President Bill Clinton created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993. Until 1999, all federal agencies worked diligently through the PCSD to implement the recommendations in Agenda 21, by rule where possible, and with new legislation when necessary.

Michael Shaw made no claim that Agenda 21 was a “communist plot,” these are Joe McDonald’s words used in a deliberate attempt to ridicule and denigrate a great American patriot. Michael Shaw is not spreading conspiracy theories, he is working to inform his neighbors and fellow Americans that Agenda 21 contains recommendations that, when adopted, will result in the loss of private property rights. A few examples may be seen here (17:34) of how Agenda 21, where it has been adopted into local ordinances, is removing people from their land without compensation and is destroying private property rights.

The recommendations in Agenda 21 lead inevitably to more government control over virtually every facet of human life. Those who champion individual liberty and private property rights should learn as much as possible about Agenda 21 and how to confront it. Join a local Tea Party, property rights, or 912 group and help save your community and this great nation.



Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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  1. This is a very misleading article and attempts once again to lull people to sleep on a critical issue. It is the classic “These aren’t the droids you are looking for…” approach.

    While claiming to present both sides of the Agenda 21 effort, it ridicules attempts to stop it and utterly fails to expose the tricks used to implement it through misinformation and bribes in the form of the casually mentioned “grant money”. It does not explain just how farmers can be encouraged to grow certain foods with certain chemicals (thanks to strings attached to the money). Trouble is those same farmers end up with crops that are not self-renewing and when the money dries up or the (mandated) chemicals become cost prohibitive, the farms are forced out of business.

    Notice how lightly and superficially the article reveals that land is indeed seized by government against the owner’s will and compensation is inadequate? Again, “There is no problem here, move along”.

    Agenda 21 is a monster and the fact that 100% of the people appointed by Bill Clinton to a federal board to oversee its IMPLEMENTATION, were from the Sierra Club is all you need to know that this is just another massive power grab by Environmental Extremists. EE’s have cost American citizens billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past fifty years. Good Americans will fight the ever-ongoing theft of land and basic rights by those who live in an imaginary world of shrubs and dirt…and zero human development.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Thanks for commenting. I suggest you see other articles by Henry Lamb, for a fuller picture. I think this is his way of fighting the ridiculing of those who oppose Agenda 21, as idle “conspiracy theorists.” (Frankly, I take a different approach, personally.)

      For a much fuller treatment, also up to date, see the Lamb article coming through the Gulag tomorrow!

      • Agenda 21 as?ithe inevitable sequel to agenda 20– which was the forced institutionalizations of children in Prussian-inspired compounds where they wold be discouraged from learning to think dependent ly. Agenda 20 guarantees agenda21 a coolant future population naware of the unique freedoms conferred on ordinary citizens by AMerica,founders producing nations in he world saw tha advances in technolgy and high explosives had made the young, with their wilfilness and unreliable loyalties had made them a deadly potential danger to the settled social order and
        Drastic action would be needed to reign their power in. The partition of psychology from philosophy–especially in GErmany, suggested that psychological conditioning would work better in controlling the young than physical timd ation,be easier to apply,and chewer to manage,and thus agenda 30 was born–universal schoolng by force.

  2. Thank you for a reasonable criticism of Agenda 21. That is rare.
    The more extreme critics claim it is a plot to kill 95% of the worlds population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride. Almost everything someone does not like is being identified as part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy. The hysteria is unbelievable. Below is a partial list of things I have found that are denounced as part of Agenda 21:
    Traffic calming
    Art in public places
    a requirement of a flagpole permit, at no charge, to verify proper footings and wind-load design
    introduction of wolves
    Actions that “enable the retrofitting of shopping malls and shopping centers into dense, walkable, mixed-use town centers”
    Fluoride and Aspartame
    outcome based education
    sustainable agriculture
    Community assets inventory
    Traffic Roundabouts
    greenways and bikeways
    conservation easements
    General Land use Plans
    Neighborhood groups
    Smart growth
    Smart Meters
    Community oriented policing
    opposition to suburban sprawl
    opposition to road expansions
    requirements that parking lots be paved
    requirements that commercial enterprises have a minimum number of parking spaces for various uses.
    the effort to regulate dietary supplements and organic foods
    Walkable Communities
    multi-use dwellings
    Buffer zones

    • Gerald R. LaTOUR says

      Mr. R. Williams: You are obviously connected to the Members of Agenda 21. Aprox. 95% of everything you have listed above are LIES. Some people may accept your “ideas|” of our future FREEDOMS, but I’m not one of them. I am well versed in your half-truth agenda. I notice you did not bother to tell the readers that you are having anoof this countryther “summit” meeting in Rio on June 20-23, 2012. Are you going to attempt to make this a Binding Agreement of Nations? Some of the ill-informed or agents of the UN in the US have already allowed and passed laws to take away our Freedom. Mr. ‘Williams’, We are not stupid! And we will not be ployed into the Rebellion/Riot mentality; which would enable the use of Marshal Law. We will put you and yours into the Re-Education Camps that you have built for citizens of this country.

  3. Wow! Rod just posted everything that the progressives have in their play book. Rod go live with them on their new Tax payer funded planet. To bad that they hate guns.

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