InfoWars Exposes Army Cover-up of US Re-education Camps (Video)

We will have more context for this soon, following up our report, “CORROBORATION, Context & Analysis, Internment Camps & Re-education Report,” May 7, 2012, 11:11 am

But for the moment, we’ll take this directly from TheAlexJonesChannel at YouTube. If you are prone to discount by reacting to other claims made by Alex Jones and his enterprises, for the moment I’ll just ask: focus now… focus. And click through with us.

Video uploaded 5/10, “U.S. Army Responds To Prison Camp Document

Let’s go ahead and show you their entire extended caption, suggesting it be followed to their site as do they:

Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs director Tiffany Wood has provided the first official response to the shocking U.S. Army document that outlines the implementation of re-education camps, admitting that the manual was “not intended for public release” and claiming that its provisions only apply outside the United States, a contention completely disproved by the language contained in the document itself.

After a reader sent Wood a link to where the manual, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF), can be downloaded on the website (but only by military employees with special credentials), Wood responded by stating that the document should not be in the public domain.

“The document was not intended for public release,” said Wood, adding, “Any other questions regarding the

document, you will need to file a FOIA request.”

This means that either hackers have obtained access to a secure military website and downloaded the manual or it was leaked by a military employee concerned about the content of the document.

As we have exhaustively illustrated, the document is a training manual for U.S. Army personnel that details how to treat detainees incarcerated in prison camps both abroad and inside the United States.

The manual outlines how officers will develop programs to “indoctrinate” “political activists” incarcerated in detention camps into developing an “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.” The document also explains how “reeducating the I/R facility population or setting the stage for acceptance of future operations,” is the responsibility of ‘PSYOP’ personnel within the camp.

The document also makes clear that the internment facility is not only a re-education camp but also a forced labor camp. Page 277 of the manual states, “Detainees constitute a significant labor force of skilled and unskilled individuals. These individuals should be employed to the fullest extent possible in work that is needed to construct, manage, perform administrative functions for, and maintain the internment facility.”…

by Paul Joseph Watson

Edit: we’re not focusing on our fine and beloved troops, here now are we? (Well, most of them by far, are fine.) We’re going to want to focus on those who tell their commanders’ commanders’ commanders what they’d like done. Would bad, megalomaniacal people ever want to influence something powerful, like the military and law enforcement establishments of the United States of America… naaaa… and bears use public restrooms.

Come back for more and we will soon rattle off some facts and perspectives that should provide a 10,000 foot view – perhaps a 100 mile high view, granted this seems to be a part of a globalist plan, with the powers that wanna be manipulating the NATO-heads in the Pentagon along with Langley and of course downtown DC – and last but not least, that eclectic club in downtown Manhattan.

Time to throw open the windows of all buildings concerned and peel off the roofs, if necessary (that’s a metaphor, O DHS Nazis) to let in the sunlight.

And do we think a congressional investigation is in order?

(Speaking of NATO, we may have something on the allegedly upcoming Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, too.)


  1. This guy is trying really hard at being the next Art Bell. Fail. This man has no earthly clue what he is talking about, just talking for the sake of talking and fomenting public fear.

    • jdog, who’s payroll are you on, to say ignorant stuff like that? PSYCOPS at it’s finest. If you really believe that dribble you’re spouting, you surely have you head up your posterior very far. If the poplace knew what is going on for real, there would be a lot more riots in the streets.

  2. I printed out a copy and skimmed it. I noticed they call for biometric marking devices for all internee’s as well as anyone who vists. If the visitor refuses, they can not visit and the ptb are to take their address for not taking the biometric’s. THis could be an iris scan, fingerprints, dna, facial recognition and of course an rfid chip, or all of the above….look for the part about visitation, I believe it was around the fourth chapter. 8.8 gets into the obvious reality they are talking about reeducation in a more diablolical way…hideous.

  3. What I find interesting is that everything is in plane sight. It’s like a chef, he has all the ingredients at his disposal to make a great concoction or a number of them. The potential is unlimited.

    Our dictator has the NDAA, the Natural Preparedness Resources Act, FEMA, the new Utah intel survielance facilty, and a growing police state. With these ingredients do you really wonder what’s to come.

    Add the intentiona destruction of the worlds economies, overwhelming the systems our society has come to depend on, the moral destruction of our youth, the complete indoctrination via media, education and Hollyweird…..

    If it were not written about so clearly in the Bible, I would go nuts, it’s so obvious….to those with eye’s to see.

    God, guns n grub, guys n gals. The new 5G network. Spread the word, “prepare”. Educate others and get ready for the inevitable collapse and the ensuing death, destruction and genocide that always ALWAYS, follows these coups….

    The big difference that sets this attempt apart from most the rest, we are armed free people. We have a constitution to fall back on to support our foundation of action.

    It is tyranny folks. God bless, come Lord Jesus

  4. @Mark – you are correct. The destroyers of America are no longer covert in their actions, but out in the open and still the mainstream media says nothing solely because they are supporting them.

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