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May 7 – Updating will continue. This time we are posting updates sequentially from bottom to top. Comments are welcome.

May 7, 11:11 – This comes from a 20+ year U.S. Army veteran and now an employee of a defense contractor. It was written specifically for us, about this news of the Army Manual for internment and re-education of Sovereign United States Citizens. We have taken the liberty to emphasize parts of it. We forgive him for his opinion of “self-appointed watchdogs.” After all, he has gone through military indoctrination of nearly unquestioned obedience to military and governmental authority (an authority underneath that of the People).

And so, We People, we who are being operantly conditioned to becoming used to such intimidations as…

  • being groped or shot with radiation at airports
  • being required to stop our vehicles at police checkpoints along the road
  • knowing that we could, upon being labeled terrorist collaborators, be incarcerated or killed in an America treated as a zone of combat (2012 NDAA)
  • having government try first one way or the other, in compliance with global governance, to monitor and upon their discretion halt our Internet traffic (ACTA, SOPA, CISPA, Global Governance 2025)

…have the need to know if and how our own military entertains contingencies for our internment and for mind control operations to be inflicted upon us.

The Web address which our military veteran and contractor supplied links to a publicly accessible Army training site. We have taken screen shots of that and will publish them just below his email, in a fresh update. We have also downloaded some of these manuals.

Question 1: If this information is “old hat” and what they have been allowing the public to see, what is being kept from us, now?

Question 2: Who are “they” who are trying to establish and normalize these contingencies? (or this part of an agenda) – surely not the patriots who comprise the overwhelming majority of the our military.

Question 3: What is the agenda of those who originally mandate such contingencies?

Anyone who does not see a trajectory in this and all related news and who is not animated about it should likely re-educate himself. And that is why we are here.

That’s a public access link to all the manuals in the military police series.  Note that I/R and a few others have “locks” so you can’t download it.  That is simply because the manuals contain sensitive information that would hinder us in performing our duties if the bad guys got hold of it.  It is not so sensitive as to be classified – if that were the case, you would not even know the manual exists.  My point being – this is not some heinous secret plot that someone uncovered.

These manuals are akin to standard operating procedure or text books- they are not orders, directives etc.  They are used for planning and understanding and are intentionally fairly general in nature, as the commander on the ground always has the latitude to do what makes sense in the given situation.  Imagine, if you will, the standard operating procedure for the NYPD.  Certainly you wouldn’t want bad guys to be able to study how the NYPD does certain things?  Same concept here.  Nobody “leaked” this manual, it’s existence is not a secret and – again – it’s been around since the Geneva Conventions.  When I joined the Army, the manual was called POW Operations.  Right after the Abu-Ghraib fiasco, this manual went through an evolution and then again in 2007.  It is very common for these manuals to be updated in the last few years, based on what we are learning in the conflicts we are involved in and based on a strategic shift from cold war era concepts and tactics.  The fact that there are self-appointed watch dogs mining for information in effort to prove (or feed) their own psychosis is, obviously, detrimental to protecting the sensitivity of these manuals – but, we would be remiss if we did not make the effort to protect it; hence the distribution restrictions and destruction notices – this information is in every manual the Army has, which is between 500 and 600 at any given time.

Like I said last night – it takes about 2 years for a revision to be authored.  This current version’s life began when Bush was POTUS – but that’s really irrelevant because this is how the process works…  Every major center of excellence in the Army (for instance Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE); [a reference redacted here, in the interest of this person’s privacy] has a directorate called Combat Development and Integration.  These are really, really smart people who are experts in all things within their discipline – to wit: Military Police, Engineers, Chem-Bio here at [redacted].  These guys monitor “how” we are really doing things (opposed to what the text book says to do), they cull lessons learned from the operational Army and they interpret strategic plans and guidance.  When they conclude that the “text book” is no longer as relevant as it should be they prepare a request to have it revised.  This request is called a Program Directive (PD) and it explains the need for the revision and justifies the expense.  The PD goes up the chain of command to the pertinent 4 star commander. The buck stops there and he either approves moving forward or kills it.  I personally read the PD for this manual – the impetuous was based on a lack of coordinated and concerted effort between Military Police and Military Intelligence when it came to who was supposed to do what in handling detainees.  GITMO was also beginning to experience criticism.  So, the PD was approved and in this case, a competitive acquisition was prepared.  There are 9 vendors qualified to do this type of work for the MSCoE, my firm being one of them.  We lost the bid on price and it went to a competitor.  You must realize that it’s a fairly small community we operate in here and everybody knows everybody.  I personally know the two guys who wrote the current manual.  In fact, one of the three authors of the previous version works for me now.

From the point of drafting the table of contents, the clock starts on the development timeline.  18 months is the standard.  The first draft goes to commanders in the field for their comments and feedback.  Every single comment is researched, contemplated and adjudicated.  Subsequently, a final draft is prepared.  This draft goes out to every branch in the Army and all of the sister services.  These entities provide their comments and feedback.  Again, every comment goes through a very deliberate and disciplined process.  Once all that is done, the final version goes into editing and illustration.  After that, it goes back up the chain of command to the Chief of Staff.  Upon his approval, it becomes an official manual.

In regard to the “preparing for civil war” thing…  Is there a plan somewhere for a nationwide response to massive civil unrest?  Almost certainly – we’d be dumb to not have one, wouldn’t we?  However, who’s gonna fight?  You know that every state has a militia – right?  The NG?  Commanded by the respective governors.  So, you would believe that the sons and daughters of Texas would turn their weapons on their own citizens?  Or Alabama?  Georgia?  Who’s gonna fight them?  The regular Army?  Guys like me and those I raised and trained for 22 years?  Because Obama tells us to???  I’m laughing so hard that I peed a little in my pants.

Thank you anonymous sir. We appreciate the service you have performed and continue to perform. Be sure, I do not say this is about Barack Obama, per se. He has generally fulfilled his mission, of  [edited]:

  1. the sabotage of the American economy (though not, of our society)
  2. the implementation of structural Marxism (through the appointment of his czar complex, regional implementation of Agenda 21 governance, and other executive orders)
  3. giving away America’s national sovereignty, via numerous measures (bringing to our attention the glaring necessity of a sovereignty-respecting U.S. Senate, since the Senate approves or denies treaties).
  4. further intruding upon the sovereignty of states and of parents, and the autonomy of (non-Muslim) institutions of religion, while promoting the generations-long collaborator with Marxism and fascism, doctrinaire Islam, the religion of his youth
  5. pulling the Overton Window to an to an unheard of extreme in neo-Marxist authoritarianism

In my humble opinion, this is about what is envisioned to come, perhaps in the next presidential term, perhaps that of Mitt Romney, who is backed by the same globalist, kleptocratic, central bankster complex as Obama, and through the Bains is actually a part of it.

And a word of advise, sir. See beyond the training and conditioning you have long undergone, to merely regard as opposition, that which you are pointed toward. Also take a look at those who originally direct the pointing, including the pointing of said putative and prospective presidents.

May 7, 9:14 – In just a few minutes, we should be showing, anonymously, the text of an email from a 20+ year Army veteran, relayed to us by a family member. It validates the authenticity of the InfoWars story and the interpretation of the manual they presented as part of overall  plans imposed upon our patriots in the United States armed services, for militarism against the Sovereign People, including mass internment and psyops. It links to an U..S. Army site, which provides training manuals including those addressing such militarism.

Later, we will provide further indications of such preparations. It is my opinion that while our military is by and large very patriotic for our sovereignty, there are “powers that be” who intend upon impose globalist authoritarianism in our nation. More references will be supplied about that, as well.

May 4, 2:30pm CT – Paul Joseph Watson has added, at, “Yes, The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically to U.S. Citizens – The time for denial is over,” 5/4.

May 4, 2:22pm CT – Analysis

The released document, “U.S. Army “Internment and Resettlement Operations,” February 2010, may be found at:

Following is an initial take by a trusted Citizen intelligence researcher and analyst, Denise Simon, given the Gulag at our request. It tends to imply a reason that the Department of Homeland Security is concerned about military veterans siding with constitutionalists.

In her words, it is “an abbreviated summary without reading every page”:

1. This is clearly a copy and paste document and there are huge doubts that is could be ‘official’  in the official sense, hence the reason for the leak, as it may not be a viable and last, final copy for inclusion into a manual.

2. It is important to determine when it was leaked and by whom as it may be a planted leak for the sake of shaking the patriot trees to see what falls out, how and who screams the loudest.

3. The Pentagon has more than 5000 lawyers of which some would have been tasked for final approval for inclusion into the UCMJ, after reading page 146, I have a sense this document is not official in the whole sense of the definition of official. However, it very well could be as we have had a handful of domestic real U.S. citizens, going rogue, like a lone wolf that have joined the jihad cause and they would carry a social security number, but then it could have been an over-sight.

4. I chatted with two retired military types, one is a close friend that was a deputy secretary at the DoD under Reagan. He has personally written many of these like documents and did offer the same conclusion that I came to. However, he did say that if there is a mission to invoke this kind of plan within the U.S., the lion share of the military on active status would side with the citizens and those that are retired would all side with citizens. At least that part is gratifying.

5. There are many definitions of terms and words that require additional clarification for our purposes and it is unlikely we will get that from anyone at the DoD since this for the most part is a military document in some form. Yet, with this leaked document added to the NDAA bill, there are symptoms are a much more probable objective.

6. Robert Mueller at the FBI is playing a coy game of plausible denial and will continue to do so as will all other cabinet post placeholders. A truck load of FOIA requests for all the same item requests on this will go either un-answered or be delayed way past a year with any reply.

7. Chapters 1,2,4,5,7,8,10 have stimulated some questions for us as well as Appendix’s D, H, K, N.

8. There is some real concern for me too as there has been deep chatter as a  result of recent laws and EO’s referring to the authority of the Feds to remove our citizenship and then we would be considered foreign agents where international law may be applied, which is precisely what the EO signed today had text within it on layering the U.S. with international law, which trumps ours. This was approved and written last year by Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder and Harold Koh.

9. There is some mention of irregular warfare, which again needs additional explanation as does the text as it relates to the Geneva Convention IV for treatment of prisoners. This document refers to prisoners working doing cleaning and maintenance, that does not happen now in any prison we have anywhere worldwide.

10.  There are references to detainees, refugees, migrants, expellees, displaced persons, armed groups, stateless persons, evacuees and dislocated citizens……anyone of us with some small amount of lawfare could be placed into any of those labels.

Signing statements mean nothing coming from anyone in this government. If you were to advance the dialogue on this document, then I would seek a Bachmann, Steve King or Pete King and no one else. We know the score on Panetta, Mueller, Clapper, Napolitano and the rest……everyone has closed ranks in government so only those three would I reach out to.

And considering the degree to which these three have bought into the government aggression into and therefore, power over the private lives of Sovereign Citizens of America (for just one example, see their “aye” votes on CISPA, April 26) where does that leave us?

Consider further that the CISPA bill comes under a context of “Global Governance 2025” goals for an endemically compromised United States Intelligence set.

The facts of what our United States’ government (plus those which operate through or bypass it, such as but hardly limited to Agenda 21’s ICLEI)  reveal tells of a plan for a controlled population of subjects, not sovereigns, in our country made a vassal state in the suzerainty of inevitably corrupt one-world government. As Lord Acton reflected, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The facts of what our United States’ government reveal begs the question: what are they still hiding?

“We the People,” charged in our founding document with the “duty, to throw off such government” as “absolute despotism” need to know.

May 4, 12:14pm CT – Perhaps the best way to review for context is to start with the first of these two Gulag Bound entries, then click into the links it furnishes, then read the second:

May 4, 11:25am CT – For previously published information on Internment camps and contextual information, click our category:

Militarism vs. the People

Above, we will point out entries most relevant to the matter of internment and re-education, then we have some analysis of yesterday’s Prison Planet story to relate..

May 3, 5:41pm CT – In the morning, editorial “we” will relate perspective, background information, and perhaps further new information – that after some study, reflection, and speaking for myself, after continuing with tasks required for the Sovereignty Campaign – something of utmost pertinence – @SovCam.

For now, please visit

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

Political activists would be pacified to sympathize with the government

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, May 3, 2012

A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online.

The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.



  1. Speaking out against these activities by the U.S. Govt isn’t going to do anything. They will just start arresting us on a larger scale. It’s time for the American People to stand together and stand up against the tyranny. Remember 1776! Only 5%-15% of the Colonists united together and stood up against King George III and look what they accomplished! It’s here, folks, it’s here. We need to recognize the tyranny of our government. It will soon be too late to do anything about it. They have effectively divided the people against each other racially, by class, religiously and in every way imaginable. The time to stand together and unite against the tyranny is now.

    • Ranchman, do you imagine even 5% of the current population have a clue about any of this? I could talk to 10 different people in my neighborhood and none of them can even name their Reps or Sens.

      Of all the people I distrust, John McCain is #1.

  2. Bloodless Coup says

    What do Mitt Romney, Allen West, and Marco Rubio all have in common?

    They all openly support NDAA. This is the bill that allows Obama to arrest or detain American Citizens WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE OR DUE PROCESS and to hold them in custody INDEFINATELY.

    If you think you can trust or depend on any if these scum bags to uphold and defend the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights you are sorely mistaken.


  3. WHERE WAS OBAMA ON 9/11 AND WHY WERE 44% OF THE PEOPLE KILLED ON 9/11 IN direct COMPETETION WITH THE cHICAGO cLIMATE eXCHANGE,,OBAMA , WILLAM AYERS, aL gORE AND mAURICE sRtrong,,selling arbon credits and killing off Carlton Bartels nd giving his carbon trading computer syster t Franklin Raines of FM/FM???9/11 was to pass there cap & trade GREEN agenda and make TRILLIONS!!!i

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