Understand Obama’s Ideology Well to Know Him Well & Save America from Him

Playing Pin-the-Tail-on the-Donkey (i.e., Obama) 

Conservative pundits don’t stop attributing to Obama personality-qualities of all sorts, e.g., “arrogant”, “narcissist”, “clueless”, “over the head”, “boy-President”, “incompetent”, “detached”, “liberal”, “progressive”, “liberal-leftist” and so forth. And then their readers, listeners and viewers go into parrot mode, repeating and repeating all that nonsense.

Now, the question then rises: why do conservative pundits resort to pegging on Obama all those appellatives in their futile attempts to pin-down/characterize him? Will it be necessary to get into an ontological analysis of Obama to determine his idiosyncrasy?

Not at all! There is absolutely no need of anything of that order, only a simple exegesis of his ideology will be necessary.

To get to an expansion on the previous statement, please first peruse the next synoptic chart:


Having gone through that chart, the answer will seem very simple; first of all, it is not a matter of idiosyncrasy to define Obama; secondly, none of those characterizations describe Obama, for the reality is that he is a very astute, sagacious, purpose-and-objective minded, consummate hardcore-Left operative that belongs in the “Western-Marxist” strain of the Marxist-Leninist sector of the ideological spectrum of the Left and who perfectly knows all what he is –purposely and maliciously– doing, and for which ulterior objectives.

He always knows what he is doing, for what purpose and with which ulterior hardcore-Left objective, which, if significant, must — per his Marxist-Leninist ideology– to the destruction of free-entrepreneurial America, and even to her physical destruction.

The thing is that –not known by the vast majority of Americans– every single Marxist on Earth actively pursues the destruction of free-entrepreneurism in America; however Marxist-Leninists go far beyond: absolutely every single Marxist-Leninist on Earth actively seeks the PHYSICAL, complete destruction of America, which they would try at the slightest opportunity they could get access to. They see America as the main obstacle to the imposition of world-socialism and, the latter, only as the steppingstone toward world-communism.

But conservative-pundits don’t “get it”, particularly when futilely attempting to understand Obama accurately.

And there may be some theories to explain the cluelessness that conservative pundits manifest when calling those names on Obama, which look more like cute hypocorisms and nice names of endearment in comparison to what he really is a most schismatic, venomous and incendiary –most malevolent, in short– Marxist-Leninist operative.

Such theories may be the following three:

  1. They don’t know absolutely anything about leftist ideology.
  2. They know but, for public consumption, they use on him all those innocuous cognomens, lest people would either get confused or not believe it if he were called for what in reality he is. In support of this second theory, the sad reality is that most of Americans are so ignorant about ideological history, particularly regarding the Left, that most think that Marxism refers to the antics of the Marx brothers, the famous comedians of the 1930s, Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo Marx.
  3. They know, but they are pusillanimous cowards who tremble at the idea of upsetting the public employee that has been temporarily put in place –by virtue of the crass idiocy of all those non-leftists that voted for him– in charge of the executive branch of the federal government, and nothing more. Obama is not the monarch that many conservative pundits fawn over, fear or “respect” because, as Hannity idiotically contends, “I respect the office of the presidency, thus, I have to respect the occupant”. (By the way, since Hannity respects the Catholic Church, he must respect all those pederasts and pedophiles that infest that religious institution.)

All factual evidence, however, points to theory number one as the valid one; conservative pundits –with very few exceptions– are crass ignoramuses in terms of leftist ideology. Theory number three is the runner-up.

Hence, they look like majestic fools, playing Pin-the-Tail-on the-Donkey –the cute children’s game– trying to pin on Obama any of those nonsensical characterizations. And those conservative pundits “play” the game-analogy with the aggravating circumstances that, first, the picture of the donkey (i.e., Barack Hussein Obama’s) is not tacked to any wall, but, without they knowing, to the ceiling of the room; and, second, the ceiling is higher than the 180 m.-high ceiling of the atrium of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

And they will keep making fool of themselves all along, which no one should care; except that by not identifying whom Obama exactly is, those conservative pundits are helping him in the destruction of America. For all practical purposes, those conservative pundits are accomplices of Obama; they are inflicting a crime of laesa patria on America.

If they knew leftist ideology thoroughly, thise conservative pundits would easily know who Obama really is. And if they knew deeply what being a Marxist-Leninist means, they would readily explain to themselves, first, where all what Obama is doing today is coming from; and, secondly, foretell with precision what his next moves will be and where he will go with it.

The Dark-Sky-Snapshot Analogy

With the hardcore-Left practically in control of governance at almost all levels of governance at almost the entire nation, not knowing leftist ideology is like if, on a day of menacing clouds, you peeked out of your imaginary home in Silicon Valley -the heart of high-technology of the world and now threatened by Obama’s destructive fiscal and economy policies, and chosen only to facilitate to visualize this other analogy- and all you can see is that dark, lugubrious sky.

As you see some rays of sunlight sneak through the black clouds, you HOPE that the weather will CHANGE, and then you wonder how it’s going to be in an hour, or in three hours, or for the rest of the day, or tomorrow, or for the rest of the week; you are left only hoping that those dark clouds go away and, not even knowing where they come from, fretting –wriggling hands and crackling knuckles– that maybe more ugly weather may be in store.

With no robust knowledge of leftist ideology, you only see the Obama’s malfeasance of the day, i.e., a snapshot of today, and no more. And, maybe, in your either sheer naiveté or crass ignorance of hardcore-Left ideology, you believe that what he is flogging us today with is only one instance of malevolence, hoping that he will comport himself well next time, as an utmost public-servant and an utmost statesmanship. Or maybe you have a faint hunch that it all obeys to a pattern, but you aren’t sure or don’t know with exactitude what pattern that is…and you are left dangling, unprepared to fight back, unprepared to defeat him this time and, worse, at what he may throw on you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the next week, and so forth.

…But if you know leftist ideology it is like if — on that imaginary dire day of menacing clouds– you peek out of your home in Silicon Valley and, yes, all you see is that dark, lugubrious sky. But, then, you immediately turn on your computer, and then go to the Weather Channel website and click on the satellite map for the West Coast, and then you get the whole perspective.

You immediately realize that that lugubriously cloudy sky is not an isolated instance, but part of that monstrously huge weather system coming your way from far in the Pacific Ocean, and that it is coming to cause immense wreckage, and that there is much more to come along with lots of much more wreckage.

Now, you don’t have to wonder how is going to be in an hour, or in three hours, or for the rest of the day, or tomorrow, or for the rest of the week.

Now you know!!!

You know the nature and origin of those dark clouds -where they come from- and that they will not go away today, for more is coming, and you prepare and plan your activities accordingly, so as to try to ameliorate the damage that such huge weather system will unload on you. And, although you cannot change and defeat the weather –or the climate (as in manmade “climate-change” or “global-warming”), for that matter– you can, at least, prepare to survive it.

But, fortunately, in ideological/political scenarios, you definitely can make the “weather” change, and the “climate”, also…that, if you know leftist ideology well. You would know how to fend off, jiu-jitsu, and soundly defeat all the “weather” and all the “climate” that Obama and the DemocRats are viciously victimizing America with.

If you know well leftist ideology, you can explain to yourself –and to others– where in particular each destructive deed by Obama comes from and gauge its gravity and foretell where he will end. And you know also the extent of the “huge weather system” of Obama’s destructive intentions, and you can also extrapolate accurately what Obama has in store for America, and what his next moves will be. All this would behelping you to prepare more aptly to fight Obama’s destructive policies.

Knowing Leftist Ideology Opens a Comprehensive Perspective of Obama

For example, when marketing his “Buffet-Rule” tax hike, Obama doesn’t stop “justifying” it by saying, among other things, something of the order that the rich don’t need all that money they get.

To the ideologically uneducated ear, that sounds outrageous tax-hiking bullying, but there is much more to it.

First of all Obama is advancing the notion that it’s the government who is to decide how much you need, and secondly, he is telegraphing his hardcore-Left base that he is making good on his vow to keep fully engaged from the White House in “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America”…per Marx’s dictum, that is: “From each [forcefully, of course]; to each [rationed, of course] according to his NEEDS [as the government sees fit]”.

Obama is talking vintage Marxist concepts and lexicon, but all what conservative pundits see is tax hikes.

“Ah,” they adduce, “but the bottom line is that it is tax hikes; that’s what counts!”


Obama is cleverly using those tax hikes (which will not make even the slightest dent in the trillionaire deficit) only to condition Americans to, imperceptibly, accept the Marxist notion that it is the government the one to decide what one needs.

The case is that you speak and understand Americanese–the language you inherited from our Founding Fathers– whereas Obama speaks and means Leninese –the lexicon he inherited from Lenin & successors. You hear something from him and your brain, which is wired for Americanese, interprets it –logically, although sounding maybe a little bit odd to your untrained ear, sometimes making you scratch your head– as Americanese; but in reality it is pure Marxist-Leninist phraseology, the venom Obama continually spews in torrents from his mouth.

And beware that, as the consummate and seasoned Marxist-Leninist he is, he means what he says, a contention that is supported by his public statement that he doesn’t like bluster.

“Yes, Virginia, it is much more than just tax hikes…” it can be accurately and veridically said, rephrasing the famous Christmas fable of the mythological little girl, Virginia, and Santa Claus…only that this time the case being made is true.

Obama is fundamentally transforming American morality regarding taxes. He knows well and practices masterfully what his other teacher –Antonio Gramsci, the creator of Western-Leninism aka “Western–Marxism– taught him:”…when one succeeds in introducing a new morality in conformity with a new conception of the world, one finishes by introducing the conception as well; in other words, one determines a reform of the whole…”

And, here is another example of the crass ignorance of conservative pundits: The other day, in a live interview on the Fox News Channel, Herman Cain referred to the maligning of Romney’s wife by hardcore-Left DemocRat operative Hilary Rosen as “poorly chosen words…”

What a cretin!

Rosen is a Marxist, and most likely even a Western-Leninist (i.e., “Western-Marxist”), which Cain would have known…had he read Trevor Loudon’s book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within (ISBN-10: 0615190743), which every serious conservative pundit should keep handy, for it virtually is a “Who’s Whom” regarding the domestic hardcore-Left around Obama.

And, had Cain bothered reading also some of the pamphlets by Lenin –the Maximum Guide of Obama and the ideological-marrow of the DemocRat Party– Cain would have readily realized on the spot that it was all along with the Leninist teaching: “Drive the bayonet through your enemy’s humanity as deep as you can and, if hitting hard-bone, pull it back and try again a couple of centimeters apart…or, if necessary, pull it altogether, to try again another day, and if necessary, on other target.”


Given the “hard-bone” that Rosen and the entire DemocRat apparatus encountered in the public’s backlash, they pulled back…to try another day, maybe on another target.

Lenin also taught them to always take two steps forward, and when facing insurmountable opposition, take one step back, which is the core message in his purposely-antithetically-titled 1904 book “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”, with particular emphasis in the conclusions in Chapter R “A Few Words On Dialectics.”

That woman and the Obama campaign knew perfectly what they were doing; clueless, except for one or two of them, most of our pundits still don’t know.

Hence –there it is, for all to see– the vital importance that non-leftists, and particularly conservative pundits, become aware of and thoroughly familiar with hardcore-left ideology.

How to Learn Leftist Ideology at a Layman Level and Fast

I don’t harbor even the slightest pretension to teach conservative pundits anything about the ideologies of the Left; they could somehow get a good conservative scholar versed in the subject to prepare a crash course in the form of a one or two hour lecture accompanied with projection-graphics and printed material.

However –in the case of those who run talk-radio or TV-opinion shows– their producers must dig deeper, for they are the ones who must keep sifting minutely for their bosses what Obama and the rest of the hardcore-Left talks or does.

In the interim, there is the option of buying the “Rosetta Stone of Leftist Ideology”, as the following four books by politologist and ideologist Donald F. Busky are sometimes called; read them and use them as a handy reference library:

  1. Communism in History and Theory: From Utopian Socialism to the Fall of the Soviet Union
  2. Communism in History and Theory: The European Experience
  3. Communism in History and Theory: Asia, Africa, and the Americas [including the USA, Canada and Mexico]
  4. Democratic Socialism: A Global Survey

Those four books will give you a decent exegetic summary of what you otherwise would find on scores of floor-to-ceiling shelves of books by either ideologues introducing and expanding on, and scholars analyzing, the several ideologies of the Left. I assure you that reading those books, or at least to use them as a ready reference, is a solid beginning.

Now, having stressed ad nauseam on the prime importance of knowing well the ideology of the entire spectrum of the Left, and with the intention not leaving you entirely empty handed on leftist ideology itself, I resort to the four very synoptic diagrams ahead to at least offer you a varnish –very thin, beware– on leftist ideologies.

Meanwhile a website is being constructed where, in the near future, you will be able to learn to some decent level of detail –and from an analytical and critical perspective– the most important nooks and crannies of Left’s ideologies and modus operandi (i.e., “praxis”, as Marx called the latter).

If those four diagrams and charts turn out difficult to read due to the compression they go through when sent out, please copy them and then paste them to a jpg-file viewer software application, such as, for example Window’s “Paint” or Microsoft Word, and view them using the magnification features of the applications or use the Windows Photo Viewer utility that comes along with Windows.

The first of the diagrams explains synoptically the taxonomy of the spectrum of the Left at its full extent, that is, encompassing, both, the softcore-Left and the hardcore-Left. Some conservative information is included, mostly for juxtapositional purposes.


The second diagram explains synoptically the ideological genealogy of the hardcore-Left, for the hardcore-Left –fully incarnated in the DemocRat Party– is the most pressing anti-American enemy-within to contain and, more importantly, to definitely defeat to ideological/political insignificance in America and, consequently, in the World. (Realize that the powerful redemptive qualities of the Tea Party movement are under carefully observation by, and inspiring, the forces of freedom throughout the world; in Europe and the Americas, increasingly more governments are getting in the hands of either conservative or at least slightly right-of-center sectors.)

The third diagram shows synoptically the milestone hardcore-Left ideologues and operatives that framed Obama’s hardcore-Left mindset, adherence and praxis.

The fourth diagram shows, synoptically, the structure of the Left in the U.S.A.


By the way, know that a good portion of the hardcore-Left ideological-marrow of the Left is in nowhere else but in the U.S. Congress Democrat Caucus. And some of them are so brazen that have come “out of the closet”, having formed what they call The Congressional “Progressive” Caucus (CPC). Please read the enormously important column about the CPC by Accuracy in Media’s renowned columnist Cliff Kincaid at http://www.aim.org/aim-column/breitbart-disciple-exposes-red-influence-in-congress/


  1. Thank you very much for shining a light on the mind and methodology of the grand saboteur in the White House, Rene, and describing what he is doing. He and his handler, George Soros, know their mission well.

    Alas, “establishment” Republicans (those of them actually in the know) will refuse to expose Obama, because to fully expose what you’ve described would expose the money and financiers behind global Marxism. And that in turn, would expose the money and financiers behind the “old world,” merchantilistic, plutocratic, kleptocratic “right” side of the manipulated right-left paradigm, as well — their own side.

    Fully exposing global Marxism, in other words, requires one to follow the money and that comes from the same enormously corrupt central bank complex as the money upon which the GOP and its transnational corporations and tycoons, for their purposes, are also dependent.

  2. Here’s a kind of nice testimonial:

  3. Great article – except your illustrations are too low-resolution to pick apart even with magnification.

    You need to upload the full-resolution originals, and make the thumbnail views “clickable” so that the originals will appear on demand.

  4. Rene, this is an excellent article – probably the best i’ve ever seen that graphically lays out the entire spectrum of the Left from softcore to hard-core. The American public now need understand that eradicating the Marxist-Leninist-Islamist threat from this country MUST be done FIRST because they are like AIDS – they cause all the other illnesses in this country. The public needs to find true conservatives within both parties to elect to the US Senate, US House, all of the State Governors and Legislators, judges, and all the way down to the level of mayors, city councils, and sheriffs.

    Unfortunately, the only Presidential candidate who really understands Obama’s hard-left ideology and his quest to destroy Amercia is Newt Gingrich and he was run out of the race by the stupid morons in the GOP establishment who elected a milquetoast with no freaking clue as to who is Obama (who is not “In over his head” unless you use that term to describe Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao).

    When Newt said that Obama is the “most dangerous person in America,” and the “most radically left President” people thought he was lunatic. Imagine if he said “most dangerous and radical in the world” – which he knows – versus limiting it to America?

    The only thing the idiots on the conservative side will remember about Newt is his moon base idea, which is because that is what the Leftists want. He represented their greatest threatr, and if we had a Newt Gingrich/Allen West ticket come november, would have had a chance to start dismantling the radical Left in whole swaths. West called out the 80 member “Democratic Communist Caucus” a few weeks ago and, as usual, the Rats went nuts. The conservatives fear the media. They fear making waves. That is the reason the Left has had such an easy time of rolling them over.

    You’re right about Rosen. Her attacks on Ann Romney was an attack on the family just like every action taken by Obama and his jack-booted czars, federal fascist departments, and leftwing counerparts in Congress that elevated the abberatons in society to an admired (and protected) class of militant Marxists.

    Obama is actually worse than Rene describes because he has also allied himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Marxist-Leninist counterpart in Islam. Obama has roots to both ideologies through his father and through his lifelong indoctriniation into the Marxist Muslim partnership that share the same goal of destroying Western exceptionalism, entrepenurialism, and capitalism, destroying wealth, and replacing it with a totalitarian, central-run government upon which the people are totally dependent.

    Both Obama and the Brotherhood want to destroy the Constitution, with the former wanting to make one up to his own liking and the other, to replce it with Sha’ria Law.

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