Our Condition & My Path, post 4/24 Primaries – Updating, Comments Invited, AW

I will be adding to this throughout at least this Wednesday.

There are many points to relate – puzzle pieces which, once fit together, present the true puzzle before our faces. It demands, even taunts for a path to take, yet offers none.

If you are so inclined, please comment, too.

– Arlen

Buckden Woods, Richard Webb, Wikimedia Commons


The Republican voter, much like his Democrat counterpart, is largely the subject of psyops – mind control, much like cult members are manipulated. Broadly put, it is similar to Ericksonian conversational hypnosis, also called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Up through this moment he has obeyed well, the power of suggestion, including that Mitt Romney is:

    1. conservative, “severely,” despite any actual record of his performance
    2. inevitable, despite the true control being in the hands of the subject, not the Mesmerist
    3. a free enterprise savior, despite…



Who is doing the controlling?


Photo: Wood Smoke at Six Wells Bottom, Geographic.org.uk


  1. Unfortunately there are many Republicans and conservatives who have allowed themselves to be manipulated and controlled. This is the saddest state of affairs. As much as I think Romney will lose, I fear we must support him now to defeat O and his puppetmasters, and work towards electing a real conservative in 2016. As much as I think Romney is nowhere close to the best candidate or president, at least with him in office we have a prayer of actually having a presidential election in 2016; if O is reelected we may not have that option. I say these things with a heavy heart-I do genuinely fear for the future of this country.

  2. Depressing day. Trying hard to get out of this funk. People go ballistic when anyone mentions 3rd party, but realistically what other options do we have? No one truly represents conservatives. If not this election, perhaps 2016. Would be more than enough time to gear up and run a campaign. First, we must defeat 0.

  3. There is no way that I could ever look myself in the face again if I voted for Romney. If we don’t stand on principles now then when? Every election cycle we are told that we just need to hold our noses and vote for the Rino’s and next time we will get a constitutional based conservative in. How’s that been working out?

    It is high time that we stand on principle and not sell out. Only then we will garner respect and draw people to our cause. Ronald Reagan did not gain the support of democrats by selling out to them. No, he gained their support on principle and communicating great ideas. Ronald Reagan gave us the blue prints for winning the future and it seems that we tossed them in the trash bin.

    It is time that conservatives draw a line in the sand and say with one voice, “NO MORE, we will not be apart of this facade any longer.”

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