Occupy Wall Street #OWS Training: Their Target is the Tea Party


Photo by Julie Dermansky at The Atlantic

Hundreds of OWS training workshops took place this month throughout the country, in all 50 states, including small rural areas. Inside one of the training workshops, attendees report that OWS is “specifically instructed to go to any and all Tea Party gatherings, rallies, etc., to be confrontational and create havoc and disruption.”

They are being trained to recruit and enlarge their numbers in their assigned geographic locations, to use the correct messaging, to incite any opponents, engage in confrontation, employ tactics to evade police blockades and create gridlock.

OWS workshops are extremely organized and clearly well funded. Each workshop had a trainer, DVD’s, handouts and a training manual.

OWS has deep pockets and they will be providing food, water, entertainment and more… just as we saw last Fall with the gourmet meals, tents, hotel rooms and printing presses for their newspapers.

OWS is not a grassroots movement, as demonstrated by the training, resources and coordination at their workshops. OWS is orchestrated and organized by George Soros’ MoveOn.org and Media Matters, Van Jones, Steve Lerner, Francis Fox-Piven, Barack Obama, Union leaders (e.g. SEIU, AFL/CIO, UAW), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and other radical far-left anti-American organizations who are dedicated to the destruction of our free market system and the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party – including the Marxist/Communist members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – and the news and print media are all in bed with OWS. Ordinary Americans cannot and should not expect that OWS will be held accountable for inciting riots, raping women (as they did the last time around) or for any other crimes they may commit.

Recall that under the Obama administration the New Black Panthers have not been held accountable for the crimes they have committed, union thugs have escaped their crimes, the Muslim Brotherhood is now welcomed into our White House, drug cartels and vicious gangs are aided and abetted by Obama’s Fast & Furious gun program, and on and on, so all indicators point to the top coming down on patriotic Americans, not those who commit crimes against them.

The “community organizer” front groups that finance and orchestrate OWS operations want riots to occur. Remember what Van Jones revealed… “Bottom Up” riots will enable the “Top Down” enforcement against innocent by-standers in order to turn our country “Inside Out” and give Obama the crisis he wants.

Manufacturing chaos via OWS will enable Obama to declare a National Emergency and invoke the unconstitutional powers he has amassed through Executive Order and recent legislation designed to transform our country. Indefinite detainment of Americans without charge or trail, suspending the Constitution and ushering in their new totalitarian form of government, taking over more industries and seizing more of our money and property… that is their goal… to transform our way of life and end Liberty as we know it.

Unless OWS is confronted by strong local police enforcement and city officials, they will create the crisis that will not go to waste by the Obama administration, his all-powerful Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and his brown shirts who will act as his Civilian National Security Force that’s just as strong, just as powerful and just as well-funded as our military.


  • Bring at least one additional person with you – someone who was not planning to attend the Tea Party gathering. If everyone brings just one extra person, you instantly double the size of your group. There’s power in numbers.
  • Do not engage with any OWS group or member who appears to be looking for a fight because that is exactly what they want you to do; it plays right into their plan to create chaos and/or riots.
  • Stay cool, calm and collected. It’s critical to keep in mind that they are extremely well trained, funded and organized. Although there are far more of us than them, their organizational strength, training, tactics, hateful hearts and loud mouths give them the advantage. So again, do not fall into their trap and do not engage because they will undoubtedly be pushing for it.
  • Have video cameras rolling.
  • If OWS escalates, move your group to an alternate location to avoid OWS as much as possible. Do not travel alone – stay as a group. If OWS follows your group, ask police to help you move to another location away from the OWS harassment and if law enforcement is nowhere in sight and the situation feels threatening, call 911. You’ll have your video footage as evidence that you were peacefully assembling and they’ll see what OWS was doing to you.
  • Be prepared, watch each other’s backs, stay together and stay safe.

Know that OWS creators, leaders and financiers are targeting Americans who want to restore and preserve our Constitutional Republic. Their plan is bottom up, top down and inside out. They intend to protect and promote their “Dear Leader” Obama and silence voices of opposition until the totalitarian transformation is complete. But we’re onto them and we outnumber them. Good must triumph over evil.


American Bolsheviks – The Second Act


American Bolsheviks – The Second Act

Update – Additional Suggestions By: Nachum

Keep in mind that the OWS organizers are always the same people and travel from site to site with their astroturfers to cause disruption with screaming, meeting interruptions, chants and possible violence.

A. Go to law enforcement in advance and tell them about your meeting and that rioters with a past record of violence may crash the meeting. Have the precinct captain on speed dial or better yet have a few uniformed officers in presence if possible.

B. Bring megaphones. Occupy disrupters are famous for screaming their “mike-check” repeatedly and chanting to force a meeting to its knees. Be prepared to respond LOUDLY to their chants and tell them to GO AWAY. Tell the owner of the restaurant or meeting hall that they may tell the police to evict people who have a record of violence or illegal behavior.

C. Take pictures and videos. Document the disrupters and present the pictures to the police to file charges. Get their names. Post their faces on the internet. Keep a list. Spread the list of faces and names to other Tea Party groups so these people may be spotted on sight and law enforcement notified if they come near a meeting location.

D. It is only their leaders that are well trained. The average ‘protester’ is given a script and chants nonsense. It’s possible the protester is a paid lackey. Andrew Breitbart would go up to the lackeys and ask them directly. He would put them on film, asking them if they were paid. They HATE when you do that. Look up his old vids on the internet. It is a how-to manual on kicking these agitators where they hurt most. It also might be future evidence in a trial.

Do nots:

A. Do not react with any violence. This is what they want.

B. Do not let them get you angry. They want you to react violently. So they may demand action from their friends in the administration to prosecute YOU. Even if you are in the right, you would be held as guilty.

In addition, the Tea Party should respond with a “playbook” for Tea Party meetings. A simple ‘check list’ for the leadership in the group can be done before any meeting. Include any of the above information along with proper forms for filing citizens arrest, publication of the agitators information for use by other groups that is easy to access, a “how to” file on uploading contact to Freedom Works or Youtube of the offenders and anything else of use for the upcoming election.

Update – Some churches host OWS Workshops – By: MJ

Tea Party people could contact churches and hold them accountable for sponsoring/hosting these Occupy events – see below:


From the last paragraph in the article:

“There were to be 925 such training sessions around the country, according to MoveOn.org. In Toledo, a 99% Spring Action Training is planned for noon Thursday at Monroe Street United Methodist Church. Preregistration is required.”


  1. Here is the response I received from the official Occupy Tulsa movement regarding the claims of this article: “Moveon.org head a training a few weeks ago called something like 99% Spring Training. They made it look like OWS was sponsoring it and even here in Tulsa they made it look like Occupy Tulsa was putting it on. As with all things Tea Party and Moveon.org it is all about them, and their party agenda. OWS and Occupy Tulsa do not support this effort or the obvious disturbed demented beings that put this kind of divisive propaganda out there. Both of their groups have done nothing but break up occupy groups with their infiltration techniques so they can stay within their own narrow minded pattern of thinking. Both Moveon.org and the Tea Party are corrupt organizations to their core and their people are lemming drones that are believed to be missing important brain cells that allow people to be able to have original thought. So no this is NOT TRUE.”

  2. Obviously this article is TRUE, judging from the response by Liberty. The best thing any one of us can do is to ignore people like Liberty, they are here to spread disinformation, nothing more. Americans need to be reminded that we are now heading into a battle for our very country, know who your enemy is, recognise their tactics and counter them. In regards Liberty, Who?

  3. By all means, DO NOT initiate violence. The OWS types will try to provoke a physical confrontation. However, should they strike first, you have an obligation and duty to defend yourself or your loved ones and friends beside you. Let them initiate, but you finish it.

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