What the Dems Know: Cloward Piven Vote Fraud – But ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’

“I think the strategy was to bring in a huge number of people, overwhelm the system, and in the chaos that ensued they can steal the election…”
– Dr. Linda Hayes

From the September 2008 article, "Barack Obama & the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis"

Some months back I wrote a series of articles about the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats’ flagrant defiance of the popular will. At the time, I mused that either they have become politically suicidal, or they know something that we don’t.

Now, this crop of Congressional Democrats is the most corrupt, seditious, self-serving bunch of slime balls to ever stain the halls of Congress, and that’s saying something! To imagine that they would suddenly flip and fall on their swords – sacrificing their political futures to heroically pass unpopular legislation – strains credibility to say the least.

Similarly, this President and his filthy administration – the most corrupt, seditious, self-serving bunch of slime balls to ever disgrace the office – and that’s saying something, are in it for the long haul, even if it’s only for the fringe benefits. To imagine Obama being happy with a single term in office as he hilariously claims, is like imagining Bill Clinton being happy with just Hillary.

So obviously they have plans for November. For this reason I have argued, and continue to argue, that we cannot be complacent. No matter what the polls say, we cannot afford to underestimate what these corrupt slugs are willing to do to steal our country.

Nowhere to date has this been more ably described than in a new documentary by Gigi Gaston titled “We Will Not Be Silenced.” A lifelong Democrat, Gaston traveled to Texas in the summer of 2008 to investigate widespread claims of vote fraud conducted by the Obama campaign during the Democrat caucuses there.

In an interview with Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media, Gaston claims she initially went to debunk the rumors, but found herself overwhelmed with an endless parade of shocking testimonies from very credible witnesses. In her own words:

I had no plans on ever becoming political, or becoming an activist, ever.  I was called by a Congressional investigator—or an ex-Congressional investigator—who had worked during President Clinton’s times, and said that there were some discrepancies going on with the caucus systems in Texas, and that they were basically being falsified, and all these horrible things—people being locked out, and intimidated, and running the elderly back and forth, and sending them to the wrong rooms, people being bussed in—all of that stuff.  And I thought, well, this is ridiculous—and then I’d go down and check it out.

Her investigation eventually encompassed all the caucus states, including firsthand witness testimony of widespread vote fraud, systematic vote suppression, and voter intimidation that makes the Philadelphia Black Panthers case look like kids play.

The documentary interviews Helene Latimer, an elderly black veteran of the civil rights movement who marched with Martin Luther King. At a polling place she testified to watching an elderly woman, about eighty years old who was approached by two young black men. She relates:

One of the young men… said to her, “If you’re not voting for Obama go home, because you’re not voting here today!” And she turned and walked away… While I was standing there, there were other people approaching, maybe four or five people approaching, and when they heard that, they all turned and walked away…”

The pain that I felt because of the people who have fought for African-Americans to have the right to vote… and to see two African American young men deny the right, under a veiled threat of violence, to …a woman who looked to be around eighty years old, and not allow her the opportunity to vote, I found horrid.

The documentary describes corruption that went from the top to the bottom, and didn’t end with the primaries. As Gaston related in the AIM interview:

And it didn’t stop there—that’s the terrible part.  It went on into the convention.  The press made the convention look like the Democrats reunited and, instead, the delegates…they campaigned to become delegates, they get voted in as delegates, and they represent the candidate that the people have wanted.  So an example is, there’s someone in another city that I’ve just interviewed.  I can’t say where, but let’s just say she’s in the South—I mean, I can’t pinpoint her because she’s afraid.  She’s an elderly woman, 71.  She’s been a Democrat for 35 years, working for them, helped get the Governor in, everything—has won awards.  Her whole dream, as a kid, was to be a delegate.

Well, after what happened at the convention, she has left the party. Basically, what they said to her is, “You have to switch your vote from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.”  And she said, “Legally, I can’t.  In this state, it’s illegal.  I would never do it anyway, but, legally, you’re asking me to break the law!  I’m an ex-lawyer, and I won’t do it!”  And they said, “You’re going to do it.”  And she said, “I can’t do it.  I represent 48,000 voters!”

The statistics speak for themselves. Gigi’s website cites a report that:

In 2008, the 39 primaries [including MI & FL] produced an average 1.4 percent pro-Clinton vote-difference. By contrast, the 13 caucuses had a 28 percent pro-Obama vote-spread…

To appreciate the enormity of this, the caucus states cast only 1.1 million votes, 2.9 percent of 35.9 million votes cast in the primaries, yet because of the huge lead Obama achieved in the caucus states:

…the 28% Obama preference resulted in a net advantage of 152 pledged delegates and 299,768 votes. In this otherwise dead-heat race, those numbers were sufficient to skew the overall election results in his favor.

Gigi Gaston, of "We Will Not be Silenced"

Gigi admits to being one of those unfortunate Democrats we refer to as a “true believer.” We know them well, for we interact with them all the time. Driven by their messianic belief in the infallibility of their Party and its mission, they routinely ignore contrary evidence and impulsively dismiss, often insultingly, those of us who attempt to point out the often inconvenient facts. But for this one, the truth has become inescapable. She says she is still a Democrat and has not completely given up hope… yet.

Not surprisingly, however, the Democrat Party has no interest in investigating her claims, and many who participated in her documentary have received death threats. Oh, those charming Democrats. The media silence meanwhile is deafening.

For her part, Hillary seemed to get over all this vote fraud stuff quite easily, campaigning for Obama and gladly accepting the Secretary of State post as consolation prize after the election. She did not however, invite Obama to Chelsea’s wedding. So there! Ed Morrissey at HotAir is skeptical of the whole thing, wondering if it is not just a bunch of sore losers:

What I have trouble believing is that Hillary Clinton wasn’t doing the exact same thing in these states. After all, Hillary was hardly a babe in the woods. The Clinton Machine had been fighting these battles since Obama was in high school. Now we’re suddenly to believe that they were manning the Good Ship Lollipop in 2008 and were shocked, shocked to find that caucuses aren’t played by Marquess de Queensbury rules?

I had the same question. I think the difference can be explained by the fact that many Hillary supporters in this election were not your typical leftist partisans, but rather run-of-the-mill Democrats who were excited about supporting the first female candidate for President. In the process many of them learned the shocking truth about just how corrupt their Party really is, because if you note, Gigi is not indicting the Obama campaign alone, but rather the entire Democrat machine.

Gigi admits to being an idealist, and Hell hath no fury like an idealist scorned. Editors of the gay, pro-Hillary blog, Hillbuzz had the same epiphany. Many of them went to work for McCain after the primaries were over, and this moving tribute to George W. Bush suggests they had a genuine change of heart.

But they issued a stern rebuke to Republicans as well:

If Republicans had paid attention to what Obama did in the primaries, and how much he relied on thugs like the Black Panthers, the SEIU, and ACORN to do his dirty work, then perhaps we would not be going through what we are facing right now.  If Republicans who sat home on Election Day had been better informed, maybe they would not have sat on their butts and allowed the most radical person to run for president to win in 2008.

They have a point.

But the larger point is that we have now seen this same thuggery in action for two years, backed by the full force of the federal government, financed by the utterly corrupt Democrat Congress, and defended by the equally corrupt, viciously partisan national press corps.

Some time ago, I labeled this administration the Cloward Piven Government. It is an apt title, and candidate Obama utilized Cloward Piven tactics during the caucuses as described in the quote at the beginning of this article. They intend to do it again this November by overwhelming the system with such widespread fraud we will be drowning in it. The Democrats initiated their voter drive for November 2010 a while ago, and Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona also indicates that they intend the illegal immigrant vote to play a significant part – whether there is amnesty or not.

Meanwhile many Republicans are sitting on their hands, smugly assuming the tea party movement will help them sail to easy victory in November. At the same time they smugly dismiss tea partiers as “fringe” with a wink and a nod, when among their Washington friends. Remember: they are not called the Party of Stupid for nothing.

This is no time to be sitting around. Sign up for a campaign, sign up to be a poll watcher or election judge. Get your precinct organized and ready to roll. Steel yourselves for a fight; for if the Democrats’ corrupt behavior goes unchallenged in the 2010 elections, we may never have another chance.

Gulag Bound collaborator, James Simpson is best known for his exposé of the Cloward-Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis and his articles as DC Independent Examiner.

His writings have been published in Big Government, American Thinker, Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, Whistleblower, DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune and other publications. His blog is Truth and Consequences. James is a former economist and budget analyst of the Office of Management and Budget of the White House.  Email James.

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