Behind Earth Day: Ecologists, Marxists, Fascists, & Demons?

Just what does Earth Day and the old and new Marxist and fascist movements have in common?

Happy Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday, this April 22nd.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Demonic Movement Behind Earth Day

As “Earth Day” is upon us, let us look at the demonic and leftist philosophy which is driving this “Baalistic” ideology.

What seems to have a strangle hold on America and the world at present is the godless totalitarian socialistic environmental movement of today. This movement has halted progress and has laid shackles on the capitalistic freedoms at present here in America and in the world. As the environmentalist display their “Green Righteousness” and seek to practice at the same time a relative and godless philosophy when it comes to the Moral Laws of Nature and the Eternal Righteous Absolutes of forever, this “Green Righteousness” movement of environmentalism is seeking to impose its secular will on the world and all it’s inhabitants.

The question at hand is, should we be conservative and conversationalist in the area that we live in? The rhetorical reply is, Yes… Of course! None of us will deny that. We all should do our part to make for a healthier and beneficial environment for all. In fact, many regulations have made America cleaner and better. In that we do not find any fault. What we do find fault with is the green fascist mandates that are crippling our society and shackling our freedoms. What is key for a true healthy society is not fascist green legislation, but the adherence to the moral laws that have been instilled into the creation by Almighty God the Creator.

“What is key for a true healthy society is not green legislation but the adherence to the moral laws that have been instilled into the creation by Almighty God”

Notice how hard core green groups such as PETA, Hollywood, the Music Industry, the ACLU and the American secular progressive Left are super radical on regulations on environmental issues and greenology, but are absolutely reprobate in social and sexual morality which has been the key vices which has laid waste this country and our present world (Isaiah 24:5,6; Romans 1:18-32).

The Two Hands of Greenology

In one hand, the radical environmentalist oppress with an iron fascist glove the mandates and oppressive green philosophy. On the other hand, they fight tooth and nail against the moral absolutes and the Eternal Righteousness of Almighty God. These two absolutes are crucial to produce a health society and culture. God’s Word states that the creation groans to be free and looks forward to that Day when it will be unleashed from the inhabitants of sinful man (Isa. 24:5,6, Romans 8:22).

Today’s “Green Righteousness” is that attitude and spirit in which all is Machiavellian when done for the furtherance and protection of the earth (ones sensual harmony with the creation). It is this subjective sensual (5 senses driven) “wisdom” and perception which holds in high esteem the evolutionary philosophy of time and chance and valiantly condemns the Judean/Christian Laws of Nature and of Natures God (1 Cor. 1:18-32). Science and godless secular theories are it’s dogmas and bible, and this fallen planet is its god (Rom 1:22-26). These seeks to be the world’s savior and deliverer from its arch enemy, man. The radical environmentalist attitude and their green righteousness is manifested on how they serve and honor the environment (the creature and creation) and it’s “green” dogmas and mandates (Romans 1:18-32).


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  1. Here’s an essay I did on the history of Earth Day and it’s anti-Western/anti-Christian message.

    “All For Gaia: Earth Day and Total Transformation for a Post-Christian World”

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