SuperVid: Carl Paladino with Newt, vs. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir for Mitt?

WDTTY = What Does That Tell You?

Marxstream media’s inexpiably cocky Martin Bashir was trying to sell the daylights out of Mitt Romney, yesterday (provided there is any real daylight in him). Seemingly inspired by Romney’s fine pattern of lies, Bashir calls Gingrich’s campaign “ended,” then cites an April Fools Day poll from the weeks of flavor, Santorum.

THVOTM = Talking Head Video of the Month

Tempted to transcribe, I’ll just provide bits; the honest delivery has to be heard and seen. As for Mitt, “He’s trying to buy an election…. He’s about as conservative as you are, Martin… He’s a chameleon.” But, you can gain his level of enthusiasm for Newt Gingrich.

But the best part is Paladino’s gut-felt analysis of this psyops politics campaign put upon Citizen voters. It is encapsulated excellence. Like me, you may want to listen more than once.

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And as for the Republican establishment, “It’s about time they learned that their days are numbered right now.” For the remainder of Bashir’s program, the main theme was the deep and broad dislike of Romney among Republicans and independents.

For more on the destructive effects in process, of Romney’s citizen-repelling campaigning, see How Mitt Romney Assaults Republican Voters & US Elections.”

And as for the deceit side of the Romney psyops, see Cataloging Mitt Romney’s Lies, Does it Matter to You?

Another study one can now do is to look around the conservative Internet media/blogosphere, to see who does or does not publish this Paladino triumph. That would tend to be telling.



  1. I was one of the marching troops for Carl when he ran for Governor here. He is right about one thing. Romney is NOT a shoe in in NY State bc it is no longer a winner take all state. The votes are going to be proportional. I do differ with Carl on his choice of candidate, however. I prefer Paul over Gingrich. I will NEVER support Gingrich because of what he did by supporting Dede Scozzafava in the 23rd Congressional district over the true Conservative Doug Hoffman. Doug lost the race bc Dede stayed in up until the last few days. She then threw her support behind the Dem who won. Because of GIngrich there were people who followed his endorsement of Dede and it cost us the election. Gingrich is NOT a true conservative and he cannot be trusted.

    • Joan, sometimes as speaker Newt Gingrich made decisions with the party. He did a lot of stupid things worse than this. He is coming out of the matrix. I will reward, not punish him. Thanks for your comment.

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