Revolution Now! the ‘99% Spring’ is Coming

New Zeal


  1. So, how do we know they ‘trained’ 100,000… we only have their word for it… I say Bring it On!

  2. Plain Old American says

    So many of the supporters of this BS fail to realize that their demands for bigger and stronger government just mean more opportunity for the ultra rich bankers to buy more government and more control. If they would work to restore our REPUBLIC and allow people to be creative and provide for themselves there is no limit to the opportunity available. I have come to the conclusion that until the people wake up and realize that no one gets educated in America (they just get indoctrinated) and we eliminate the forced brainwashing in government indoctrination centers then there is no hope for a populace intelligent enough and moral enough to govern themselves.

  3. Marxism and communism is alive and well, thanks to people like George Soros and….you guessed, Barack Obama. Obama is emboldening the coalition of the Left (Muslims, Anarchists, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, the Left in Churches, radical Democrats and last but not least the ‘useful idiots’ who do not know what they are doing and support this utopia – a term coined by Vladimir Ilych Lenin) to, under the slogan of democracy and fairness, create a system where everybody is equal except ‘some are more equal than others’. Take it from me, I grew up in a communist country and took 9 semesters in Marxism-Leninism during my university studies- the US has it now what I learned in 4.5 years about communism.

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