Former Hoosier Congressman Claims He Smuggled Illegal Aliens

When one reads a story like this, told by a former Congressman, it becomes clear why we have arrived at the point in our country where laws are made to control the people and raise revenue, but they do not apply to those who pass them or enforce them.

Note this story was “shopped” around to the media in an attempt to sell books!

Former Hoosier Congressman Claims He Was Human Smuggler

By the Associated Press, 8/8/2010


Deckard said a friend in Florida was approached by a man who wanted passage for Brazilians living in the U.S. to Toronto, which is a magnet for immigrants who can find work without government work permits or social security numbers.

The idea appealed to Deckard, who said he had helped several people in the Brazilian community fill out immigration forms and get money owed them by a cleaning company, even after learning the workers lacked legal documentation.

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The story is also reported by the Bloomingtion (Indiana) Herald Times (via Daily Me):

How Joel Deckard Went from Congressman to Coyote

By Rod Spaw… August 1, 2010

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