The Blaze Tries to Innoculate Mitt’s Mormonism against Scrutiny Republicans Fail to Offer

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Glenn Beck’s publication is apparently attempting to inoculate for Romney’s Mormon set issues, Beck having come out of the closet (and come clean?) by endorsing Romney. In 2008, he took a similar course, with perhaps not quite so many stops to demonstrate (feign?) support for other candidates along the way. Habit patterns are telling.

There are numerous sets of issues for Mitt Romney. They can be sliced-up in numerous ways. It is much, much better to do that now, while another candidate has a chance to be nominated by the Republican Party.

Faith MSNBC Panel Wonders: Will Obama Campaign Covertly Use Mormonism to Make Romney Look ‘Weird?’

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 10:46am by Billy Hallowell

During the 2012 electoral season, the media’s handling of Mitt Romney’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints membership will certainly be interesting to observe. Equally intriguing will be the Democratic Party‘s treatment of the Republican contender’s faith.

Despite Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-Fla.) pledge that religion will be off-limits during the presidential race, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” continued to explore how faith could come into play in the months leading up to November. Mediaite sets up the on-air discussion that unfolded this morning:

On Monday, Politico’s Mike Allen told Morning Joe about the Obama campaign’s plans to look into “Romney’s penchant for secrecy,” noting that the campaign’s communications director, David Axelrod, has asked such questions as “Why did George Bush and John McCain release multiple years of tax returns, but not Mitt Romney? Why did Mitt Romney leave Massachusetts government with the hard drives from his computers, and why did his senior aides leave with the hard drives from their computers? Why won’t he be more forthcoming about some of these offshore investments?”

Panelist Jon Meacham asked whether any of the focus on Romney’s “secrecy” may have something to do with his faith, Mormonism, a religion shrouded in mystery for many non-Mormons. “Is this code for the secrecy of the Mormon Church?” he asked Allen.


The Blaze shows this video of the Morning Joe exchange:


We may find that concerning Mitt Romney, it’s not about the Mormonism per se.

But it may be about how not only certain Mormon beliefs (e.g., White Horse Prophecy) but Mormon connections and favors are played out. These connections may even play out with others whose goal is also global domination (U.S. headquartered or otherwise).

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