Why Vote Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich? Comments Please

Does any Mitt Romney supporter have any sane reason important enough to vote for that globalist bankster backed, lying, Agenda 21 Quisling over Newt Gingrich, defender of essential United States sovereignty?

Do you have any issue that is more important?

Let the comments be made and the reasons given!

Just, if you do, be prepared for the response and to either defend your position, or to change it.


  1. Yes, I do!! First, and most important: he’s going to be a candidate! Even better, he already IS the candidate! That’s it! Count your losses and move on. As good as Newt is or could’ve been as an opponent to Obama, he lost and in no way he’s going to end up as a candidate from Republican party. If this site is for taking Obama out of the White House, you’d better stop spreading ugliness against Romney and start doing it against the only one who really deserves it. If you are for Newt , as you claim, at the today’s situation you sound as you are for Obama, just playing games. In the beginning you sounded like an interesting site providing an interesting information but now! What you’re doing is, at least suspicious, or worse. And I started to get sick of it, to be honest!

    • Inna, you present no valid reason whatsoever. What you do is to buy into the controlled GOP, controlled media psyops:

      1. citing the fictitious claim that Romney is “inevitable”
      2. accuse this site of discrediting (apparently where some credit is due)

      Reason, please.

      BTW, Romney hasn’t even been on a trajectory that will win him enough committed delegates for a first ballot victory. We’ll have an entry on that here, soon. All people have to do is vote for Newt Gingrich and he will win.

    • And obama is already using Newt’s speeches to shoot down romney. romney is a 2 faced liar that will say anything to get elected. I don;t want agenda 21 or any other mandate from the un telling us what we can do and making us send money for a lousy scheme aka scam like cap and trade which romney agrees with. I want someone with the balls to tell the un to go f*ck itself!

  2. The only reason I’ve heard from anyone is that he’s the front runner and we need somebody that can beat Obama. That’s all anyone can see is getting rid of Obama. Never mind who Mitt Romney really is, and they don’t want to know either. They’re all just as blind and seemingly hypnotized for Mitt Romney as they were for Obama in ’08 and the sheeple herding continues. I’m disappointed too. Newt was and is the best man for the job. We may as well forget about America as we’ve known it. The land that we loved is of the past. Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The hour is late.

  3. I’m a Newt supporter. At this point, neither GOP candidate is “perfect”, but I feel Newt is the only one who could truly expose Obama in a debate and turn this country around, once elected, into something our Founding Fathers would recognize as constitutionally grounded. I also feel, we MUST gain the Senate and hold the House in order to undo the devastation of Obama’s failed unconstitutional policies and return America to it’s rightful place in the world and proper constitutionally based course.

  4. Very well said, Pam and JoLynn. God save America.

  5. A proven record of job creation and a true grasp of economic issues and balancing budgets comes to mind. Hate the man all you want. Everyone understands he is not the perfect conservative. What he is is the nominee. So it is either him or Obama. Take your pick. A Romney presidency would be forced to govern conservatively, or semi conservatively at least. Anything else would be political suicide. Bear in mind, who ever is president for the next 4 years will likely sway the majority in the Supreme Court for years to come by getting at least 1 SC nominee. Food for thought.

    • Hack:

      1. Romney’s MA record for jobs was dismal, one of the worst in the nation.

      2. Don’t accuse someone who loves America of hating this Agenda 21 practitioner, who has been destroying it. All sinners should repent.

      3. Mitt Romney isn’t even winning enough hard delegates for a first ballot victory.

      4. Sorry, you are presenting no supportable reason whatsoever, to vote for Romney over Gingrich – not even coming close.

      • Pleas! Stop the insane concepts that Governors and Presidents can pull some lever and make jobs or the economy go up and down as much as needed. Comparing MA to any other state in any realm is idiotic. All states and moments in time are different. There is no honest way to properly evaluate his job creation success or failure.

        As far as Agenda 21 and accusing Romney of being a “practitioner” you sound just like the American Progressive fascists of the early 1900’s who have evolved to become the moderne DNC. For conservatives, you people on this don’t appear to be that well read or excessively logical. Why be a conservative if you are going to fall into the same vacuous mind-numbing style of group think that the left does? Romney signed a bill passed legally by the MA legislature. So what. Do you realize that the only constitutionally justified reason for a President of Governor to veto a bill is if they are convinced it’s unconstitutional? Their own position isn’t supposed to enter into it or you are going down the Tyrant road. The opposite of the of course is if it’s unconstitutional and they sign it, they are violating their oath of office as Obama did on health care.

        Your 3rd point is meaningless, and your 4th point is an opinion not a fact.

        • Mark, what are you doing besides offering knee-jerk accusation and “tis/tisn’t” rhetoric? Look at what Romney did in Massachusetts for Agenda 21, for yourself. Listen to his own words:

          I have not seen any arguments from you, answering this thread’s question, so what are you doing?

          By the way, the implementation of global government mandates violates the prime principles of the Declaration of Independence and thus does violence to our federal and any state constitution.

          But, Romney? You would have him hide behind a device? Just read his pronouncement of the 2004 “Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan”:

          Im am proud to annouce the Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan…. …a ‘no regrets’ policy toward climate change.

          And on and on, as he sells Agenda 21 to the sheeple of Massachusetts.

    • job destruction

    • Hack – First of all, Romney isn’t the nominee. He doesn’t have 1144 delegates or anything even close. Romney has a proven record of job creation? Where? When? Only Louisiana had a worse economy than MA did when he was governor – and LA’s economy was worse because of Katrina. And just who do you think would force Romney to govern conservative If IF he were elected? Congress? The gutless wonders we have in leadership positions now aren’t going to do one single thing to help. More likely they would allow him to do anything he wanted and proclaim it wonderful because it wasn’t Obama doing it. Obamacare? He wouldn’t repeal it – Pam Bondi, FL AG, stated she had been recruited to help Romney establish Romneycare throughout the country – at the state level. As for SCOTUS appointees – have you looked at Romney’s record of judicial appointees when he was governor? The Boston Globe reported in 2005 that Romney has “passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents — including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights.” There is no way to spin Romney or any administration he might piece together as conservative.

  6. romney is anothere big mistake. He has caused businesses to go bankrupt,such as Kaybee Toys and Unimack. He is under investigation right now for a felony. He thinks mormons are supreme and will reign over the rest of us. And for all those who keep saying romney is inevitable obviously know less about politics than i do. This is how Lincoln was elected. Ronald Reagan was further behind at this point than Newt. All we gotta do is vote for Newt and he will be president. Stop letting romney buy the officials and fix the elections. He is a dishonest man and a disgrace to his own cult religion. He forced tax paid abortions. How can he pick on obum? He is shifty and has no morals. That is why his ads are nothing but filth.

  7. Arizona Patriot says

    What a farce this election is. Even worse then 2008.
    Americans again forced to vote for what they believe is the lesser evil but is really just an extention of the evil already upon us.
    Romney we already know is a white Obama. Agenda 21 puppet.
    What do we know about Gingrich? Who is his Mentor Alavin Toffler that wants to do away with the U.S. Constitution? Why was Newt in bed with Nancy Pelosi his whole congressional career? Co-sponsoring 418 Bills with her?
    I see more hope & change coming. Excuse me. I need to go buy more rounds.

    • AP, your observations do not include Newt Gingrich’s successful Contract with America, showing his commitments kept where commitments were made — nor his present commitments.

    • Look. I like Gingrich and prefer his ideas over Romney, but there is more to it than that. Secondly spewing silly propagandist rhetoric such as “Romney we already know is a white Obama. Agenda 21 puppet”. Gads, some of you on this site are just parroting vicious demagoguery rather than discuss ideas intellectually.

      Sponsoring bills with someone doesn’t mean you are “in bed”, it just means it’s a compromise and the two legislative leaders co-sponsor it to demonstrate that it is a middle of the road bill. That doesn’t make the bill either good or bad, just a compromise. However, since 99% of what is passed by compromise id garbage, the statistics would indicate it’s a waste of time and quite possibly dangerous. But it doesn’t mean Gingrich and Pelosi see eye to eye!

      • Mark, what do you call someone who moves to the strings of globalist financiers intent on destroying America through Agenda 21?

        • Looks like Mark calls them “Friend”. -)

          Co-sponsoring a bill is the literal meaning of a politician being ‘in bed with’ someone. Lots of times they don’t announce it openly, but if they joint-sponsor a bill, they’re on the same page.

          As to why, that’s always as vague as the politicians themselves.

          And to finish, it’s a pretty rare “Gingrich supporter” who can’t resist bringing up Pelosi.

          And when I say ‘rare’, I’m kind of talking about the people who post on the Internet pretending to be a ‘true believer’ or dyed-in-the-wool supporter “except” …

          Know what I mean, Vern?

      • When Romney was gov he had Gina McCarthy working for him & she now works for Obama in the EPA, he also had John Holdren as an advisor &John is now the crazy science czar. I saw Romney on utube saying that global warming is man made, that’s enough for me to think he would pursue Agenda 21 which when completed our country will be part of a communist one world gov.

  8. Michael Nunnally says

    At this point, I would care less who is the REPUBLICAN nomination….if a Dog Turd (complete w/ Birth Certificate) happen to win the Republican Nomination, I would vote for it. Truth of the matter is if we can last to Nov. to even elect a NEW President…then Americans should Praise God, because you have just bought yourself (maybe) more time to correct the course of this country.

    If anyone thinks that Romney or Gingrich is going to pull a magic wand out of their arse, then you are sadly mistaken. The reason we are here is because people stood idly by and let others take control thinking that our representatives would TRULY represent our best interests. If we, by God’s grace, have a new President in Nov. then the work is just actually beginning. And that’s to ensure that the next SOB, never gets the power nor the authority to intentionally destroy the United States of America. Just because you may elect a REPBULICAN president doesn’t mean anything will change if people find their way back to the couch and stay uninvolved. –IMHO

  9. Mitt Romney ruled like a liberal or socialist in Massachussets. Newt is a stong and brilliant man. He is innovative, and has wonderful ideas all conservative. Newt was a former History Professor and Historian, and knows all about the forefathers, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Indepdence and the Constitution. He has all those fact and years ain his head for instant recall. His memory is amazing. He was in Congress for a long time, and Speaker of theHouse. The ethics charges the Democrata and couple o Rinos put against him were wrong. Newt was exhonoerated of all charges. There is a CNN video on Youtube staing that Newt was right. Newt is a Patriot. Newt knows how to accomplish things and showed that when he passed the Contract with Americain 3 months, except for term limits. He aso got Clinton to pass Wellfare Reform after sending the bill to him 3 times before he signed the bill. He also got Clinton to pass 4 balanced budgets. Newt know how to get thing done. He knows how to cut spending and reing in activist judges, which has been done before by our forefathers, he knows how to get energy going, He will get rid of all the Czars, and Bernanke. He will get our country back on track the way our forefather wanted our country to be limited, and strong militarily. None of the other candidates can hold a candle to Newts abilities and ability to excite and audience. Romney can do none of that he talks about cutting spending a his ability to do so because he was a businessman, and criticizes Obama, but never talks about any other ideas. One time he did mention drilling, I only heard that once from him and not details. Obama is more of a moderate at the very best. And from the Establishment picking moderates that lose, people should no better than to vote for Romney. Ronald Reaga was also opposed by the establishment and was a conservatiave and won big and Newt would do the same thing. If you want to have Obama for 4 more yeas to desytroy this country completely, vote for Romney. If you want to save this country vote for Newt Gingrich.

  10. I was a Herman Cain supporter, then went Santorum, now with Newt. Why? I believe him. When he agrees and offers an apology for dumbass mistakes in his political career, I believe him. When he has come to a personal point of redemption and forgiveness for his past, I believe him. Mitt? Not so much. He doesn’t back off ‘man made global warming’ or Romneycare, or ‘sustainable development’ or a lot of other liberty stealing positions so I won’t believe him. John McCain is a moderate or RINO maybe in your vocabulary, Romney is an elitist socialist.
    I would vote for a ‘used’ fire hydrant before I vote for Romney…BECAUSE if ‘We the People’ can totally take over both houses of congress, even O’ ‘resident wouldn’t get to continue his fundamental transformation.


    • Dittos, TexasVet! Something I seldom read about or even hear anyone discussing is the power of Redemption, and this is something CHINOs (Christians in Name only) should revisit.

      None of us are perfect. For honest Christians, perfection comes only through accepting the work of Christ. Newt has done this. He has also apologized for his transgressions, and I can see the difference in his public demeanor from when he was Speaker.

      A warning might be appropriate for those who deny Newt his status as a “new creature” (2Cr 5:17) – doing so negates Christ’s sacrifice. Tread very lightly when judging, for the Lord knows the most secret and dark thoughts in your own heart.

  11. Michael Nunnally says


    It’s very easy, the REPUBLICAN is the other side of the same coin. The only way we’re going to keep our sovereignty is to flush the toilet of the and everything that’s in it. Republican and Democrat . I would love to believe in Newt, but he can’t take back his appearance with ‘The Wicked Witch of West’ pertaining to climate change which is ‘AGENDA 21’… as soon as they say and DO – get the UN outta here, then and only then I’ll believe them…I could careless about Beck and his opinions. If Newt wins the nomination, I’ll push for Newt. My candidate lost, all I care about now is keeping the Dictator and Chief from claiming anymore power….in particularly UNCHALLENGED by CONGRESS……..

    • Okay, I accept that you are not exactly addressing the question of this thread, Michael, thanks.

      As for Newt and Nancy, we all are learning. We are all hopefully, coming out of the matrix. Newt Gingrich is, by putting his life on the line to support sovereignty and reveal, plus to allow the private exploitation of our energy reserves. He has actually committed to reversing Obama’s Agenda 21 E.O. as well as many of his other destructive acts. I suggest you reward, not punish, those actual political leaders who are coming very effectively, out of the matrix.

  12. Arlen, the reason is simple: Obama should be defeated!! That’s it! Everything you’re saying doesn’t make any sense to me. The only one explanation: you’re mission is not clear. There is another site that approached me with the idea to starting a third party for this election, because they believe (that what they claim) that there is a possibility to start a new party and take votes from Obama. Ya!!! Sure!!! Let me tell you, Arlen, decide what side you’re in and stop dreaming of something that would never happen, and start working on something that might. Romney is not perfect, Newt is not perfect, NO ONE IS PERFECT. Newt wouldn’t have won anyhow – liberals and deems (and many republicans, as well) don’t like him and would never vote for him. Romney has an experience, knowledge, tact, he is closer to the middle than anyone of the four, and he has a chance. That’s what I believe. And, still, I don’t trust you, my friend!

    • Inna, let me be very simple, clear, and brief for you, then:

      o Mitt Romney is an habitual liar. We can’t trust him.

      o Mitt Romney is a traitor, having implemented Agenda 21 policies in Massachusetts and he has not made any public reversal that I’m aware of. Instead, he has reaffirmed his position, during this campaign season.

      o Mitt Romney is not clearly destined for the nomination (whatever difference that should make) since he has not been getting enough hard delegates for that.

      There are three sentences. Please apply them all, at once. Thank you. There is even more to it than that, about his deep flaws, but that should be more than sufficient.

      • A couple of things Arlen. First and foremost I am NOT a Romney supporter!
        My question is why do you not judge Gingrich by the same standards you seem to judge/vet all of the other candidates? Seems everyone but Gingrich either lies or flips. Gingrich only matures, or repents or comes “out of the Matrix”. And if you have any questions concerning his (multiple) position(s) on any subject – DON’T do any research into his record – you only have to go to his website where he clarifies everything.

        You mention his defense of US sovereignty. We should forget about his support for the WTO, GATT and NAFTA, including the NAFTA Environmental side agreement. AND then there is his speech to the Center for Strategic and International Affairs in 1995 that, the challenge for the United States in leading the world is compounded by our Constitution! “Either we are going to have to rethink our Constitution or we are going to have to rethink our process of making decisions…” Also – concerning GATT – In testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, he said, “We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization…. This is not just another trade agreement. This is adopting something which twice, once in the 1940s and once in the 1950s, the U.S. Congress rejected…. It is a very big transfer of power.” Yet he supported it?

        Then there’s Agenda 21. He said in one of his town hall meetings that he didn’t even know about Agenda 21 until they started holding those meetings. Really? Guess he was vacationing when Agenda 21 was first introduced to the world in the pages of a 1987 report (Our Common Future) produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development then adopted as official UN policy in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit. Pres GHW Bush then signed an agreement, along with 178 nations, pledging to adopt the goals of Agenda 21 . I even remember that – where was Gingrich? Then I’m guessing he just forgot about Clinton’s Executive Order establishing his “President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. (#12858) He probably wasn’t on the House floor (or wasn’t even aware of) the day Nancy Pelosi introduced (in 1992 – just months after the Rio summit) H.C.Res. 353: A bill to expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States should assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda Twenty-One and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in a high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission. (House passed – Senate didn’t)

        And then we even have Gingrich co-sponsoring Agenda 21 legislation
        HR 1078 (Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d101%3AH.R.1078
        HR 299 (To Establish a Commission on Environment and Development – 1993) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d103%3AH.R.299
        and here: H.CON.RES.100 (Many Neighbors, One Earth Resolution – 1993) http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d103%3AH.CON.RES.100

        Even his proposed Public/Private/Partnership plans he brags about are right out of the Agenda 21 handbook. But NOW, his emphasis is on Obama’s Agenda 21 Executive Order(s)?

        Please . . . .

        • Jack,
          Thanks for the concern and the information. We’ve already published that sort of information on Newt (2nd greatest conservative in our or our parents’ generation that he is). I’m probably overdue in writing about his development since 2005 and on the discernibly intellectual side, especially since 2007. In the meantime, here:

          • Wow . . . . .

            I so appreciate you’re reminding me (“A warning might be appropriate for those who deny Newt his status as a “new creature” (2Cr 5:17) – doing so negates Christ’s sacrifice”) that to not believe or support the man who actually voted on numerous occasions – who supported and helped implement laws and policies destructive to this nation and our Constitution – all of a sudden repents – and if I don’t accept and believe him, I do so at the peril of my own salvation???? I guess I didn’t realize how high on the spiritual totem pole he resides, or I wouldn’t have spent all of those years fighting his destructive positions.

            Newt Gingrich might well be a “new creation” – but that is not for me to decide. He’s the one that helped lite the fuses – even if he has changed, the fuses are still burning. And the destruction that he helped to open the doors for, was still set in motion – and is still in motion – at lightning speed. I’m not at all concerned about Newt being a “new creation”!! What concerns me is the “new creation” of a country that he helped implement that I don’t recognize or want.

  13. In answer to your question:

    Mitt is easier to nominate now, but harder to get elected in General Election. His winnings have been made as a result of false momentum (ME, IA), back door dealings (FL early winner take all primary) and spending that is at times 7 to 1. He has won blue states in the primaries, but won’t take those states in General Election. Regardless of whether you like him or not, he does not speak “candidate” very well.He is not durable and may fall apart faster than a Chinese toaster in a commercial kitchen. He is Plan A, and if he does get the nomination, we have got to encourage voters to back him and come out and vote. Unfortunately, the RNC has engaged in a hate-fest with a large portion of the base and the base of the base is asking for a divorce. So, if turnout is low – GOP is screwed.

    Gingrich, the guy who was polling 30% higher at the end of 2011, has been surgically marginalized in this race. The fact he is still standing demonstrates what a durable candidate he is and can be. He is a war horse who knows how to slug it out in a debate and defy the press. His cool logic and specific solutions keep Republicans scratching their heads and wondering why the RNC is pushing the other guy. Gingrich is not at war with the DNC, he is at war with his own village. The RNC wants to burn him out and have been saying his race was over since it began. If there is a take away from this campaign season, its that many of us clearly want to clean house at the RNC.Having stated the obvious, my gut tells me that we should still put forth the strongest candidate for nomination in a Hail-Mary pass. If Gingrich loses, we get the other guy anyway. For me, this is a no-brainer.

    Post Script: RNC Sins and Karmic Poll Taxes

    As for GOP brand, its been trashed and the tent is split. Every-day Republicans (that would be you and me) are going to demand some answers and a few political careers are going to be sacrificed at the alter of “oh-no-you-didn’t.” Ultimately, for all the power and money, card-carrying members have to remember that the “Elite” (code word for RNC) cannot steal your vote while you are standing in the ballot box. (Well, there was that Jeb-thing in Florida.)

    As for the money, there will always be oodles of it, folks. Wall Street will pay the tab, and right now the drinks are priced two-for-one. Think of it as their own special “Karmic Poll Tax.” The longer the Base pushes for “Anybody But Mitt”, the more the “Elite” has to pay to hold Mitt up. To me, this is poetic justice and I frequently grin when I think about Michael Steel’s parting gift to GOP voters before Reince Priebus took over.

    Now, can we talk about Texas?

  14. Newt is by far the most qualified candidate to run for office in decades. He, we know – will fight for conservative values and he has a track record of actual accomplishments like balancing the budget AND tackling welfare reform.

    Mitt Romney has a dismal record at best. He is not conservative, no matter how much coaching he receives. A true conservative doesn’t bow to pressure from the left to compromise against principles… he finds a way of getting it done anyway.

    Romney doesn’t have the nomination, or the required delegates. All of the brow-beating and media spin still doesn’t change that fact. Conservatives don’t like him, don’t want him and won’t vote for him.

    We need a real conservative leader with passion, vision and a solid plan… only Newt delivers on that.

  15. Throughout some of the comments, I still see many who believe that nothing has been proven about the reasons to vote for Romney or better yet the reasons NOT to vote for Romney. This previous article by this same website pretty much clears it all up in my estimation. http://gulagbound.com/25637/newt-gingrich-vs-mitt-romney-comparing-conservative-products-of-work/

    • Bingo. Aggregated logic.

      There are a lot of Santorum supporters who are tentatively considering Newt as their Plan B. They have a lot to offer and their core concerns are closely aligned with Newt supporters. Honor that Plan B mentality and realizing that they are mourning what feels to them like a lost vision. If there is anything a Newt supporter can identify with, its the realization that we are being marginalized. This should inform your empathic actions towards them.

      Here is where the real work is. Look outward, not inward. Free up a chair. Shake a hand. Celebrate shared visions.

  16. A vote for Romney is a vote for the Main Stream Media and the GOP leadership, oh yes a vote for the Democrats also want Romney to run against Obama… Why does this smell so bad? From my perspective Obama and Romney are two pees in a pod… I will vote “ANY-ONE-BUT-OBAMA” but I’d like to have a Conservative in office for a change, not more of the same… Make my vote for Newt please…

  17. Romney is UNTRUSTWORTHY!!! I don’t understand why anyone would waste 2 seconds on him!!! No one even picks their friends that way! He is a FAILED MA Governor!!! He left w/mid 30% approval. He would not run for a 2nd. term because he would of lost BIG TIME & he knew it! His Romneycare is presently bankrupting MA. He’s pro-Big Gov. solutions that will not work when our country is 15 Trillion in debt! He ranked 47th. out of 50 States for ‘Job Creation’!!! My God, that’s all we need is another amateur!!! He is an incompetent. He may know how to get & keep $$$ flowing into his own pockets but that does not make him ‘Presidential material’ on any level!!! He smeared Newt’s good name in FL with 17Million in scorched earth tactics. He’s not a nice man & he knows exactly what his campaign does. He’s been trying to make it to this point for what, the last decade? I won’t vote for him. 1st. time in my life that I’m NOT taking one for the team. And furthermore, I’m unregistering as a Republican. The RNC should be run out of town for saddling US with this Albatross around our necks!!! >:(

  18. I’ll vote for Newt in June, but, it won’t matter. The global progressives have been slowly building up to this point in history for the past 50+ years.. they will not allow it to fail without a fight. The true Constitutional candidates did not make the cut, or didn’t even put their hats in the ring. They were vilified and bullied out of any candidacy by the MSM – even FoxNews has started drinking the koolaid… I’m praying for the best, and preparing for the worst.

  19. Sadly, the two party paradigm continues unabated as we all dance to the tune that has been well orchestrated by the elist clan since 1913……and even long before that.
    Why are we still playing their nationwide political chess game of left versus right when both parties are controlled by the same entity that has been responsible for the decay of our nation for over 100 years?

    Romney is surrounded by, and influenced by neo-cons and members of the C.F.R. And if he could possibly be as honest as many people would like to believe he is, then how does he propose to immunize himself against the rampant corruption & greed that permeates Washington & Wall St…..without becoming further compromised?

    Newt Gingrich is an intelligent individual and a master debater. I have met him and I found him as likeable & impressive in person as he is on T.V.
    Sadly, some later research revealed that he is also a member of the C.F.R. For those who are not familiar with the C.F.R., some research will be neccessary. Also check the TRILATERAL COMMISSION for further data.
    Gingrich also edorses ALVIN TOFFLER (see THE WAVE) who is an avowed communist.

    We should all pray in earnest for the future of our nation….and the world. Perhaps God will forgive us for not paying attention to what the Devil has been up to, especially this past hundred years……

    • General P. Malaise says

      I too have trouble with the Toffler connection. Toffler books were a nudge in the direction (maybe push would be more appropriate) towards Agenda 21.

      I would have liked to hear that Newt distanced himself from that.

      sin embargo Newt is a much better option for president and I hope he says in long enough to force a vote at the convention.

      I agree with Arlen Williams. Romney is a statist.


    • Stan,

      Just have to get that article out, showing how Newt refers to his revelation about the encroachments of Marxists in our society (which of course includes the Tofflers.

      As stated previously, see Gingrich’s commitments, for which he has placed his honor on the line – including protecting America and our sovereignty from global neo-Marxism.

      IOW, reward, do not punish, leaders who are successfully coming out of the matrix.

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