Sanctioning Infanticide as an End Justifying the Means

No matter how troubled the economy, how high the unemployment rates climb, how deep the National debt becomes; one issue rises above all others in importance because it is the foundation of our collective soul.

Abortion, the deliberate choice to pay a “medical” provider to kill one’s unborn child based upon the convenience of the mother, or the assumed condition of the child, is wrong.  It not only affects the mother and father when the life of a child is snuffed out in the womb, it affects our society as a whole.

Any nation that looks the other way while 50 million of it’s young are sacrificed by their own parents can not be unaffected.  Even the strongest proponents of unrestricted infanticide can not bring themselves to openly admit their irrational beliefs.

Ergo, by Lori Ziganto in

Barbara Boxer was recently up in arms over some words. No,  this time it wasn’t the oh-so horrifying word ma’am. She was up in arms over her own words or, more to the point, the fact that George Will was holding her to her own words – words that expressed a pro-abortion position so extreme, it can only be described, no matter one’s position on abortion, as outright infanticide. So, she pulled the handy old “out of context” card. Only, it was totally in context, with full video documentation.George Will quoted Barbara Boxer’s own words – in context – in a Newsweek article last month. Here is one of the relevant sections….

Video from 1999, “Barbara Boxer’s Abortion Illogic 1/2

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