Voting Integrity? Part 1: Obama Crony-Contributor Co. to Count & Manage 2012 US Vote Results?

Voting Integrity? Series, Part 1

We seem to have reached the end of the United States of America, folks.  At least that is what the Obama syndicate wants us to believe.  The time to panic has come and gone and now the great and planned wasteland of what was once our country has already begun its implementation.   Will we ever stop it?

From a recent Obama court’s ruling that passengers have no more rights not to be sexually molested by TSA employees through the US Treasury being summarily routed by Obama, Geithner and the rest of the Obama syndicate’s hordes, the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights having been overturned and decimated by the Soros-directed Obama syndicate, the Second Amendment being compromised by the Obama-Holder illegal “gunwalker” schemes to the NWO’s Agenda 21 (which will now determine where people are allowed to live and work and what transportation they may use) beginning implementation in California (more specifically San Francisco-where else?) the Obama beast and a supplicant and willing Congress have allowed the complete destruction of America.

It seems that my 2008 prediction may be coming to fruition when I wrote:

After Obama is elected, all of his programs and people to keep him in power indefinitely—and to rid him of any and all opposition—will be firmly in place. You will not be able to vote him out of office. By the time he assumes the position of President of the United States it will already be too late. A democratic republic will last only so long as people of good will allow and fight for it. After they are gone—or removed—it is ended.

An additional and insidious problem is that the US Congress–both the now totally Marxist Democrat Party and the formerly stealth Marxist Republicans–support the policies of Dictator-in-Chief Obama.  And now Obama’s planned and irrevocable final coup d’etat of the US government may be enacted.

In January 2012 a [then] quiet deal was struck between SOE Software (then the leading US vote tabulation company.  Scytl is said to be strongly linked to George Soros.  The Obama syndicate members arranged the deal and Obama’s now wholly-owned rubber-stamp Congress agreed to it.  That’s right.  A foreign company may now, ostensibly and unconstitutionally, determine who wins US “elections.”  Of extreme interest, Scytl’s CEO, Pere Valles, was the former VP and CFO of GlobalNet whose headquarters were based in Obama’s then base of operations Chicago.  Although apparently scrubbed from Obama’s donor list (as so many negative and potentially negative-to-Obama documents and videos have been), Valles is said to have contributed heavily to Obama’s first presidential run.

Although US States and their precincts are the ones who Constitutionally have counted votes since the US began as a nation, the indication seems to be that all States may now be told by the Obama government that all votes–nationwide–will be tabulated by the foreign company.  Also, as all votes are “merged” under the Scytl system, no recounts will be available.  Note:  As an added “feature,” Scytl also has a specific program for military votes.   I guess we can now assume military votes will be summarily dismissed if a Marxist-Democrat is in power.

Folks, in one last ditch effort to keep the last vestiges of our country from careening off, over and into the abyss we MUST contact our Representatives and Senators.   Was Congress even involved in this?  Typically, whenever a (designated national security–isn’t our right to a legal and represented vote national security?) foreign company (i.e. Scytl) looks to take over a US company (i.e. SOE), Congress must be involved (does anyone still remember China’s failed attempt to acquire Unocal?).  Thus far, I have found nothing on the Internet that indicates Congress’ involvement in the Scytl deal…at all.  In actuality, I was advised today that Congress had no part in the Scytl acquisition of SOE Software.  Was Congress bypassed again by an increasingly totalitarian government‘s Executive branch?  Is Congress paying attention to anything that Obama does?

Was it the Obama syndicate who arranged this latest anti-democratic/anti-republic debacle?  All we know now is that no one seems to be taking the credit and We-the-People are the ones being sold out to and for the global elite.   No matter what name is used…it is still slavery.

If you’re not willing to fight for Liberty, you doom yourself to die under Tyranny

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US’ SOE Software acquired by Spain’s Scytl vote tabulation company:

Voting Technology Leaders Scytl and Election Systems & Software Team with Virginia State Board of Elections on Advanced Research Project for Military and Overseas Voters:

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  1. One of our lefty “friends” just commented on my sharing of this post with a link to SNOPES post on this issue. I had looked into this issue before and checked SNOPES and a bunch of other sites and found there was reason to be concerned. When I went to the provided link I find that the post at SNOPES was updated YESTERDAY! Sure wish I’d taken a screen shot in my previous research. Just thought you’d find the timing of the SNOPES update interesting. The Ministry of Truth is now in operation.

  2. I have sent this to my congressman Ted Poe and to the Texas SOS. I urge all to do the same!

  3. Hi CJ:

    Thank you very much for your email expressing you concerns about the purchase SOE/Clarity by SCYTL. We express no opinion about the merits of that transaction.

    However I can assure you that nobody is counting Texas votes except Texans. County Clerks and Election Administrators along with their staffs across this state are responsible for counting the votes and canvassing the votes after the elections. All of the methods of voting in Texas have backups in place at the precinct level and all of the results are checked against the local record.

    SOE has in the past delivered some election worker training to some counties. SOE has also had contracts with some counties in Texas to report election night results that are tabulated by county employees. Let me stress again that SOE does not count votes. SOE does not canvass election results. No election results are tabulated by anyone except responsible county employees in the county where the vote was cast.

    Texas is not a client of SOE. This office has its own Election Night Return system that we operate in house to report results to the public as they are counted by the counties and reported to us by the counties.

    Thank you for your concerns and this opportunity to address them. Please do what you can to assure Texans that our elections are secure and that their local county employees are fully responsible for the accuracy of the vote tabulation. These dedicated public servants take their responsibility in this regard extremely seriously.

    J. Woods
    Elections Legal Division
    Office of the Secretary of State

  4. Anthony G. Martin has done an article on this too now. Spanish company contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes

    Continue reading on Spanish company contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes – National Conservative |

  5. I did not point out here that the letter I got from the SOS of TX did not address the military vote portion or what may be happening in other states. Note she copied three other people on her reply to me.

  6. Connect/Correlate the above with S….s Secry of State project. The 2008 means to insure Pres O’s election in those state where a count is too close to call.
    OSI sites continually advocate this project.
    Semper Fi
    Survive 2013

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