Gingrich Fights Glenn Beck’s Assault for his Kind Words of Roosevelts


For further substantiation of Glenn Beck’s apparent duplicity, this comes from the daily email, today:

Santorum DROPS OUT: Today Rick Santorum finally dropped out of the race. He had a great run and handled himself well. Apparently Newt Gingrich thinks he’s still got a shot, comparing himself to Masters champion Bubba Watson. While Newt remains in la-la land, Mitt Romney all but seals up the nomination.  STORY

Will you volunteer with us, to ask Glenn Beck the four questions, below?

Please let us know in comments if you see or hear any response. Or, send an email to

If you catch any trace of Mr. Beck restoring honor and reason in his talk and his walk, instead of by his behavior, effectively backing globalist tyrant Mitt Romney, please let us know.

Monday, April 9, 2012 at 3:57pm CT

Newt Gingrich has been assailed by a very odd collection of putative patriots, including Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Matt Drudge. At just the right times, they have helped the traitorous and deceitful testbed implementer of Obamacare and Agenda 21, Mitt Romney, gain his present, long lead for the GOP nomination for the presidency.

While Coulter has publicly sidled to Romney, for Glenn Beck, we must “watch the other hand.” It matters for Mitt less that Beck has criticized him to a degree, and to a degree has promoted Rick Santorum, and more, that he has waged a vehement and grossly distorted war on the man who actually had been (and still could be) Romney’s main rival and instead, an actual salvager of American and popular sovereignty, Speaker Gingrich.

Beck, admittedly studious in the ways of propaganda and political sleight of hand, should be apprised not so much for what he is saying, as for when he has been saying what — and for what he has most effectively been doing. Look at the fruits, not necessarily the recent words, since he tipped his hat toward Romney’s vaunted inevitability.

Beck’s participation in the character assassination of Gingrich, before the Iowa Caucuses and the Florida Primary, then his March 9th nod to Romney are the telling events, tending to show the words offered by him before and since, to be the cover-up. Remember also, Beck’s similar, emotionally charged attacks of Mike Huckabee, along with his endorsement of Romney in 2008, for more of the pattern.

Much of this strategic attack from Beck and Coulter has been a political exploitation of Gingrich’s history of appreciative remarks for the Presidents Roosevelt.  Gulag Bound as since published in our relatively miniscule platform two articles by PolitiJim which put these in truer context, showing Gingrich’s patriotism (and by contrast the apparent cynicism of Beck and Coulter):

Who’s a Prog? Refuting Glenn Beck on Newt Gingrich, Part 1,” February 15, 2012

Roosevelt Ruse; Refuting Glenn Beck on Newt Gingrich, Part 2,” February 16, 2012

Now, to continue to set the record straight, we follow Newt Gingrich Asked if He’s a Globalist, In with the NWO,” with more of Gingrich’s own words, when challenged about the Roosevelts. This question and answer, as is the previous, is excerpted from a stream of videos of a Liberty Counsel event. Matt Staver is the host.

Video, “Newt Gingrich Q&A 1 – Why Do You Admire Theodore Roosevelt?

(Edit: Note that Woodrow Wilson was out of the question. Who came up with that? Glenn Beck? the Ron Paul Queda?)

If the witness to our work at Gulag Bound does not see the imperative of reform, as in the earlier years of Theodore Roosevelt, or fails to ascertain the need to fight the warfare waged against us, not unlike the latter years of Franklin Roosevelt, then that one is he who should be questioned.

Four questions for Glenn Beck about his LDS kinsman, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and the others [edit, one added]:

  1. Which GOP candidate is backed by Goldman Sachs?
  2. Which has been OK’d by George Soros?
  3. Which candidate has not repented of his past, of implementing U.S. sovereignty destroying and property rights violating Agenda 21 in his state?
  4. Now, which candidate is the most outspoken about and committed to a presidency of restoring American popular and national sovereignty (not mere liberty, but the sovereignty upon which liberty is founded)?

We anticipate an article that explores three factors in Newt Gingrich’s own recent years: 1. his personal repentance to Christ, 2. his refocus upon the vision of America’s founders, and 3. his eyes being opened to extents of the Marxist movement in America.


  1. Glenn Beck is a narcissistic idiot. My theory is that Newt is so well above knowledge when it comes to history that Beck can’t stand it. Typical of narcissistic characters.

    I stopped watching his program since he called TPs racist if we were going to have Newt as our nominee and that he would vote for Paul, if Paul decided to run as a 3rd party candidate if Newt was the nominee.

    It’s all about money for him.

  2. The Case for Newt Gingrich

  3. Hello, hello, I’m personally a support of our Christian heritage and our true freedom of America. I think all of the candidates have faults as well as the commentators in the media including Gulag Bound itself. I don’t know why we are putting down each other when we agree with 90% of what we believe. Yes I think Romney was my last choice for the nominee too. I personally was a supporter for Santorum based upon pure family values. They all have weaknesses including Gringrich himself. We don’t have to go over all of that again. But I think we need to continue to point out the real evil that is going on over on the other side. And not pick battles with each other on our side. Yes if you put Beck in the title of any article people will read it. However, I think Beck, Rush, Sean, and Laura have done the best that they could to wake the people up. We need to do our own uniting and prepare for the battle ahead against the real enemy on the other side.

  4. “Newt Gingrich voted in favor of creating Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education.
    Newt Gingrich has voted several times in favor of ethanol subsidies, and has voiced approval for ALL ‘alternative energy’ subsidies.
    Newt Gingrich co-sponsored the 1987 “fairness” doctrine
    Newt Gingrich said he would have voted? for TARP were he in Congress at the time
    Newt Gingrich was a state chairman of the Rockefeller campaign (in opposition to Goldwater)”

    Youtube search Newt loves FDR and watch hime give praise after praise of one of the most anti-constitutional, big gov’t presidents in history.

    He will be great on conservatism for a while – then the next thing you know he is sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi spouting global warming nonsense, or attacking Paul Ryan’s budget as “rightwing social engineering” when it is getting assailed from the left/Democrats.

    And, I disagree about Beck – he has exposed more about the left on national tv than anyone in our times. Show after show on Soros, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Cloward & Piven,Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance, and on and on… how they are connected, their agendas, etc.. segments all over youtube.

    No Mitt fan here, either.

    • “We anticipate an article that explores three factors in Newt Gingrich’s own recent years: 1. his personal repentance to Christ, 2. his refocus upon the vision of America’s founders, and 3. his eyes being opened to extents of the Marxist movement in America.”

      In the mean time, guest and Darren, I suggest you click on the Gingrich and Romney tags in Gulag Bound, dig in, and learn.

  5. Darren – I agree!

  6. Glenn Beck can ** ** ****; he is a Mormon who supports Mormon, I say shut up and let us decide who will be our next president.

  7. I’ve listened to Newt’s own words in his praise of FDR and others. Newt is brilliant and has many grand ideas, many I like. But I have heard Newt say he didn’t say all the glowing words of FDR and some of his other comments which directly conflict with many interviews he has had. So which is it? Beck was holding him to the fire to what his past words and interviews have been just like he does with Ovomit. We have to vet all with the same degree. Beck has problems with Romney too but it is anyone but ovomit right now. I never got to vote yet here in Arkansas, and never got to vote for the one I wanted. But I’m not going whine and bitch about it…I want to be part of the coalescing for whomever our nominee (Romney) is in order to get this evil, corrupt pc of @#$% and all his communist crowd out of the w.h. we have election fraud that is the looming black cloud to contend with. why not come together now, differences or not, it is going to take all of us now to whip this…it isn’t only the oval office but the senate and house. PLEASE PUT ASIDE THE RESENTMENTS AND DIFFERENCES OR YOU END UP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM. We have so many more intelligent, caring Patriots than the left and the only way we lose is to bicker amoung ourselves and/or the election is stolen from us. Let us look toward what is going to make us successful!

    • Hello Patti, thanks for the comment, let me address some points:

      1. Gingrich has not denied pointing out FDR, accurately, specifically for his effectiveness as a president. (If you find that video montage, listen to it again and that is what you will hear.)

      2. Mitt Romney is the hand-picked candidate of the same globalist banksters who backed Barack Obama in 2008. They are the ones, now and through history, who have been behind the Marxists.

      If you regularly read Gulag Bound, you will see that it is attested that Obama was sent to be America’s saboteur and that Romney is sent to be both the nearly ideal Mr. Wall Street foil for Marxist revolt, and when America’s economy collapses (2013?) the kind of globalist Quisling who will accept the central bank complex’s bailout with strings of global governance attached. Then, Soros, Obama, Maurice Strong, Goldman Sachs, and the Rothschilds (whom nice lamestream media types seem not to like to mention) win and the America so many have bled and died to preserve, is gone.

      3. If you find any resentments in the way of our fight for the preservation of America’s Popular and National Sovereignty, no matter who must be inconvenienced or embarrassed in the process, please let me know.

      4. Please re-read point number 2, thank you.


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