Newt Gingrich Asked if He’s a Globalist, In with the NWO

Many have been tossing about some lengthy extrapolations of Newt Gingrich’s work in an anti-terrorism committee of the Council for Foreign Relations, about his former work in Congress for questionable international trade agreements, and about his one visit to meet with other Republican leaders at the Bohemian Club, in the California woods.

Here, Speaker Gingrich is asked, are you a one-worlder?

Video, “Newt Gingrich Q&A 8/10 – New World Order

Note that Gingrich is the one who brings up his unqualified commitment to oppose U.N. Agenda 21.

See the Republican candidates for president and their positions on Agenda 21, the ground war against America, in Gingrich, Paul, Romney & Santorum on Agenda 21 vs. U.S. Sovereignty.” What we show are their own words and deeds.

Let me give you a tip-off: as with Romneycare/Obamacare, Mitt Romney is a testbed implementer of Agenda 21, in Massachusetts. See the pattern?


  1. Bloodless Coup says

    Obama is laying groundwork for Communist take over.
    Few American Citizens take notice.

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