Video Ad Shows Why Ron Paul Supporters are Increasing

This homespun video is well worth watching. It is a grim reminder of the huge lump of dirt swept under the political rug in America.

Video: “New Ron Paul ad-DESTROYS Obama and Romney

Disclaimers & Claimers:

I am not a campaigner for Ron Paul for the GOP nomination (not over what I believe is the new Newt Gingrich). But I am for Paul, or some appropriate third candidate, in a heartbeat, to protect and defend popular and national sovereignty, over U.N. Agenda 21 implementing Mitt Romney, if he is nominated, and over Marxist saboteur of America, Barack Obama.

Romney functions in the dialectic-right pants pocket of the extremely manipulative and destructive central bank complex and the authoritarian-globalist culture formed around it, Obama in its left pocket. Meanwhile, from one hip to the other, their Overton Window exposes themselves. More and more are seeing that disturbing sight for what it is.

However, Ron Paul supporters and conventional conservatives alike need to understand that counter to his claim, liberty is not the basis of American life. Rather, it is an indispensable product of Sovereignty, that is, God’s complete, overall Authority and, creating us in His image, His endowment of our Popular Sovereignty as free moral agents. That is what gives us our “unalienable rights” – and our equally unalienable responsibilities, accountable to Him.

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  1. Don’t agree with those who believe in rights, god given or otherwise. In order to have rights you need government to enforce it. That is a contradiction.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Michael, I don’t buy into your premise. If I have a right, any individual or group including government should not violate it. Government is there to enforce that, not the right, but the prevention and/or punishment of its violation. That’s pretty essential philosophy as I see it (also John Locke 101). ;->

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