Gingrich on CBS: Radical Obama’s Flexibility with Russia ‘for What?’

And yes, Mitt Romney is a liar

Just two excerpts, so one does not feel he can avoid listening:

On Obama’s energy policy

He spends money on Solyndra which fails while attacking the oil companies who could bring down the price of gasoline. That’s an irrational policy, if you care about the pocketbook[s] of the American people.

On Obama’s open mic comments to Russian President Medvedev

What people have to worry about is, when a president who has already proven he’s a radical says to a Russian president, “Give me some space so I can get reelected, because then I’ll have real flexibility,” you have to wonder, real flexibility for what?

Video, “Face The Nation… Newt Gingrich: I am determined to get Obama out”
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Three questions for the visitor:

  1. What other viable GOP presidential candidate is willing to tell the truth about Barack Obama?
  2. What was Andrew Breitbart’s last article about? (lifeline)
  3. What GOP presidential candidate has the courage to tell the truth about Mitt Romney’s deceit? (One needs two links for this.)

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