George Zimmerman’s Father: Obama’s Hate; Death Threat by Trayvon Martin

The neo-Marxist psyops machine, coordinating journos and politicos alike, has overreached again.  Move over, fictitious legends of:  Tawana Brawley, Mumia Abu Jamal, O. J. Simpson, Duke Lacrosse case, and White House Beer Summit.  How much mock Jim Crow is there to eat, by all the propagandists?

This time, it will be rubbed in even more deeply and even more African-Americans will see how the global neo-Marxist movement works to play them as trenchantly embittered, even desperate black pawns, along with all their other pieces on the board.

And by the way, is there not white (or Hispanic) on black violence in America? Yes, as well as any other conceivable set of colors, in monochrome, or in combination and that is how the world will be, till the end of the age.



At YouTube, from ThinkProgress:

George Zimmerman’s Father Blasts Obama: ‘So Much Hate Coming From The President‘”

Zimmerman’s Father Claims Trayvon Martin Told His Son: ‘You’re Going To Die Tonight‘”

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