The Perving of Palin, Chapter Arlen Specter

AP photo: "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, acknowledge applause in Dayton, where Sen. John McCain introduced her as his running mate."

Perhaps the day she made her first,  historic McCain campaign rally appearance, I became aware the spiritual enemy would try to defile her in people’s minds and hearts. That is one of their many specialties, after all. The impression was a priority for prayer.

We have seen it ever since, in some of the vilest ways and by some of the most noted of the media.

The latest, from a man about whom having a first name in common is a reminder not to be prideful.

In Townhall:

Inappropriate: Arlen Specter Describes His Thoughts About Sarah Palin in New Memoir

by Katie Pavlich, News Editor

In the blog, The Last Refuge:

Arlen Specter: Enthralled By Sarah Palin’s Sensuality And Exposed Knees…Pens Blatant “Kneerotica” – (Video)

Those with some righteous sense bestowed tend to continue to wonder at how effective Governor Palin has uniquely been, the demonic hatred with which she is met, and what God may yet have in store for her.

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