Gingrich: ‘The talking heads… understand I represent the end of the game’

A reminder, from January 17th:

Video, “Newt Gingrich Picks a Fight

So I believe the time has come to be prepared for what’ll be a big fight. Let me be quite clear. If you want peaceful, pleasant managing the decay, I’m the wrong person. Because what I stand for is such a disruption in the Washington establishment, listen….

You can see it if you watch the television, I mean the talking heads are terrified that I’m gonna win, because they understand I represent the end of the game – that I’m prepared to fight over the nature of America’s future and I’m prepared to fight whether that’s with the courts, the bureaucracies, the Congress, including my own party – because I believe what he need desperately in America today is captured in the simple Bible phrase, ‘Without vision the people perish.’

We will draw out more about Newt Gingrich’s vision and how it has redeveloped with his spiritual revitalization, his refocus upon the vision of our founders, and his determination to protect America’s national sovereignty, the wall of defense of our Popular Sovereignty, thus, our essential freedom.

Contrast this to Mitt Romney, the globalist bankster-backed implementer of the prototype of Obamacare and of the Massachusetts testbed of U.N. Agenda 21, the ground war against our sovereignty as well as our livelihoods and lives as free Americans.


  1. As Conservatives, many are willing to abstain from voting because Willard, frankly, makes us sick. That means Barry and his fraudulent voting precincts will take the election. It is true that Newt is the only thinker in the race but too many are wary of his past transgressions. Newt is right about a brokered convention if he can start screaming this message from the hilltops and emphasize his redemption from his past.

    Unfortunately, he needs to leave helmet head Callista in the wings. She is not helping him make his point. She IS the transgression.

    I lived in Georgia just after a divorce. I was never invited to any of my company’s functions because I might “take somebody’s husband”. I never forgot that… And neither should Callista.

  2. You had me at hello Noahsdaughter … and then

    It is true that Newt is the only thinker (AND doer) in the race …
    Some may be wary about his past transgressions .. that’s true too ..

    Sadly, that’s not what’s stopping most people from voting for Newt, ignorance and apathy are. Most do not have a clue who they will vote for, they are victims of political ads (in this case Romney and Paul with all the money..bashing the hell out of Newt). Most will ask a neighbor or a friend. Some stand in the booth and just pick the one at the top or the one with the best name, I kid you not. Some because they look at a women that takes incredible care of herself and won’t vote for him because his wife has helmet hair (sad).

    Yes, ignorance and apathy have taken over our Country and included in that group is the same bunch that thought the very worst about you, versus the very best.

    Callista is absolutely beautiful and she has stood proudly by his side through all of this. What a saint and how amazing that is to me. Frankly, I wish more people would love each other the way I see they do.

    I forgive her, even though I have no right to judge. Christians can not have it both ways.

    • Arlen Williams says

      It’s sad that some of Newt’s political history is posed in the way of his future. It would behoove him to speak more clearly about his changes of mind.

      And it would speak well of the People, to evaluate candidates based upon their positions and commitments, rather than their spouse’s hair. It’s the hair-brained (and stone-hearted) politicos who are the menaces.

      Thank you to those remade and moved by the Truth, for carefully applying your Christ-inspired sentiments to care for all responsibilities, including our civic duties as American’s Popular Sovereigns.

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