Mitt Romney’s Anti-Republican Robocalls in Wisconsin

So far I have received two of these calls directly from the Mitt Romney campaign here in Wisconsin. One was caught by my answering machine. The expenditure of each of them was in the delivery of  informational (or disinformational) content specifically for the attacking of Rick Santorum.

Neither of these robo-calls had anything good to say about their own candidate, Mitt Romney, nor gave any intrinsic reason to vote for that man. No discerned comparison, nor contrast was offered — only the politics of destruction of a fellow Republican. Each left a telephone number: 608-535-9307. I called that number and left a message calling for his Wisconsin campaign office to explain.

In these calls, as in his advertising, Mitt Romney is destroying the reputation of a fellow Republican, Rick Santorum (has he has done with Newt Gingrich) and is not bothering to tell me why anyone should vote for such an accuser and defamer of his Republican colleagues. Therefore, how can I begin to believe that Romney appeals to reason, is a man of Republican principles, and of patriotic integrity, with public service in mind?

Put a good Republican in his way, Mitt Romney will assail him, his future effectiveness be damned.

I am reminded that “accuser of the brethren” is an epithet given to Satan, in the Bible. Also that Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” is constantly broken by Mitt Romney, Etch-a-Sketch candidate that he is – more often than any presidential candidate likely, in anyone’s recorded history.

Essentially, this progressive is engaging in the kind of propaganda for which they are infamous, and along the way, participating in the crippling of any other, far more authentically Republican candidate, should his own psyop campaign not succeed.

That is yet one more reason not to support this bizarrely and outrageously offensive man – not in the Spring, not in the Summer, and if his nomination should come to pass, not in the Fall. If he is nominated, someone else must be found, who is not the lesser of two enemies (see Gingrich, Paul, Romney & Santorum on Agenda 21 vs. U.S. Sovereignty,” March 19, 2012).

For more reading at this moment, see: Romney’s Illinois Campaign, a Progressive Blitzkrieg of Psyops,” March 17, and Federal Money into Salt Lake City Olympics, then Romney SuperPAC? March 22, and its links.

Also highly pertinent: Mitt Romney’s Mentor, his Father, a Fan of Saul Alinsky,” January 26, 2012.


  1. Stephanie Soucek says

    I can assure you that if Rick Santorum had more money he would be spreading his lies about Mitt Romney through the airwaves and throught the telephone just as much. I’ve seen several negative ads by both Gingrich and Santorum, but they are not as frequent because of lack of money. Now, everytime I hear Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum on TV, I mute it because it is almost always an all out assault on Mitt Romney…and because they don’t have nearly the same amount of money, they go on Foxnews and other news shows for free most days and nights to promote their anti-Mitt sentiment. I fact check all the claims about each candidate and Rick and Newt have totally distorted many things about Mitt Romney. If you do your research and follow each candidate and listen to their rallies you will find out what they’re all about. I never rely on TV ads alone or phone calls. And I have found as a pretty conservative person, that I prefer Mitt Romney. No one tells me who to vote for, including the media. I think for myself. The media has been out to smear Mitt Romney from day one and for some reason people think the media is pushing for him just because they say “well, I suppose that he’ll most likely be the nominee, although he doesn’t connect with people and he’s a very weak front runner.” They hardly ever have anything good to say about him. I’ve was never planning on voting for him, but with the 4 left, he’s the one I agree with most on policy and when it comes to his leadership experience. He’s more conservative than people give him credit for.

  2. Stephanie Soucek says

    ok, one more thing….seriously. how in the world can you make it sound like Mitt Romney is the only one attacking his “rivals?” In his speeches, his interviews, his rallies, he avoids talking about them much, unless he’s asked to respond to an accusation made by the other candidates. He focuses mostly on Obama. I FACT check all the claims made by the candidates and for the most part, Mitt Romney has made fair critisisms of both Newt and Rick. The other two have lied and lied about Mitt Romney and it has really turned me off to them. They can’t go one day without personally attacking Mitt Romney while talking to reporters. how in the world can you give them a pass for that? and to say that “we might as well vote for Barack Obama instead of Mitt Romney” this past week, when just back in 2008 Santorum proudly stood by and endoresed Mitt Romney by saying “I’m speaking from the heart, Mitt Romney is a true conservative”—how can he have such a different view of Mitt now that he’s campaigning against him? It just sounds like he’s lying, or that he didn’t know anything about Mitt Romney when he endorsed him the first time. Rick and Newt are not that conservative…except Rick is very socially conservative. They have both flip-flopped on many things.

  3. Wow, what a load of junk this blog post is! So very very false.

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