ObamaCare Could Sink Obama

Don Surber’s column in yesterday’s Charlestown Daily Mail, declared “ObamaCare could sink Obama,” explaining that “the Tea Party rose in reaction to bad policy. A policy demonstrated by a similar program in England:

“Nikki Phelps struggled against kidney cancer for 10 years, depleting the life savings of her family and eventually causing them to sell their home in order to supply her with Sutent, a common treatment for cancer. Her insurance company refused to buy the drug. Her insurance company was the government of England, which through its National Health Service, refused to supply her with this drug. She died this spring. ”As many as 20,000 Britons may have had their lives cut short because of decisions taken by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, the NHS’s rationing body, a recent study found,” the London Daily Mail reported.

“Despite promising cancer patients in late 2008 that they would get access to life-extending drugs, NICE has turned down no fewer than 10 treatments because they are deemed ‘too expensive’.”

I bring this up because liberals have howled for years about the superiority of government-run health systems in the rest of the world.”

Read more at the Charlestown Daily Mail.

h/t Nachum

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