GOP Voters: Don’t Fall for Pundits’ Psyops; How Mitt Romney Seems a Traitor

Updated from original posting, March 12, 2012

We are told it is inevitable. All you have to do is vote for Mitt Romney and you will comply. Pundits imply it is your duty, to best prepare to defeat Barack Obama in November. Obey. Never mind it is unnecessary and senseless to ask people to do what is “inevitable” – that to do so belies the label. Never mind, he would be a weak, easily targeted, and very vulnerable candidate. Never mind, he is a traitor.

“Traitor” is an extreme term. Yet that is what he is, by thoroughly demonstrated conspiracy fact. That is what someone is, who implements Agenda 21 “sustainability” policy according to the dictates and encroaching hegemony of United Nations global governance.

Read and hear what experts and citizen journalists say about it, a sample from Gulag Bound’s selection of articles, tagged Agenda 21:

James Simpson, who in 2008 detailed the Cloward-Piven plan of manufactured crisis showing how that relates to the events of the mortgage meltdown, and to George Soros, Barack Obama, and ACORN, breaks it down:

This is not a Republican issue, nor a Democrat issue. It is the ground war against America in our own neighborhoods. Listen to Rosa Koire, San Francisco liberal, revealing the conspiracy fact and the evidence of treason, as we become Gulag America. Her organization is Democrats Against Agenda 21.

It is the path of Cap and Trade, of climate exchanges, of fascistically taxpayer funded green energy, and of energy hording by the most elite in our world. It is also the tyranny of land confiscation.

And ultimately, the plan includes forced resettlement and severe population reduction, in a colony of the globally controlled society.

Here it is in initial action, this example in California, from Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?:


Mitt Romney

And this is how we may know that Romney is a participant in this vast strategy, violating our Constitution, our American property rights, and America’s popular and national sovereignty. The following is excerpted from GOP Presidential Candidates on Agenda 21 ‘Sustainable Development,” January 12, 2012 (where Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum are also assessed).

Mitt Romney, his favoring of and participation in Agenda 21, creating a Massachusetts testbed for its “sustainable development,” just as it was for the nucleus of Obamacare (the lesser of these two evils, the national lobbying of which he very apparently lied to cover up) and putting him at enmity with the sovereign United States of America:

…and one may page search “Romney” in this expansive collection of evidence:

Romney, during the current campaign, stating that government should take the lead in reducing “green house gas emissions”:

Video, “Romney answers question about renewables and green jobs,”
uploaded December 27, 2007

Romney during the 2012 campaign speaking up for man-made global warming and for national green policy (of which Agenda 21 is overarching):

Video, “Romney: Global Warming Is Real, Humans Have Impact
 We are also warned by the fact that wealthy Agenda 21 proponents and opportunists fund Mitt Romney’s campaign, along with Goldman Sachs and others in the globalist, state capitalist milieu.

As for me, if Romney were nominated, this treachery coupled with his consistent history of dissembling and deceit would require my vote for a third option. I may vote for the lesser of two evils, if necessary. It is my duty according to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, to throw off the lesser of two enemies, just as I would the worse of them.

But people are still voting and there remains an alternative to Mitt Romney in the Republican Party. Should we not lift a finger to support a patriot versus a traitor?

When America is lost to the control of the corrupt, globalist authoritarians and Marxists of the United Nations, and the kleptocratic central banksters behind it, there will be no more security of the Right to Life, nor to Liberty, nor our own property and pursuits. There well only be slavery to empire, for those deemed fit to live.


  1. I would rather Obama be president that Romney. Both will continue to ruin and destroy this country and I would rather it be blamed squarely on Obama that someone with an “R” at the end of his name even though we all know he is far from a Republican.

  2. Communitarianism is our biggest battle now, with people from all parties joining the effort, as you describe. This is unknown to many people and we’ve got to get the word out loud and clear so people recognize it when they see it. No matter who is elected, we will continue to battle this from all fronts.

  3. Excellent article, we are in trouble as Obama & Romney and Gingrich are all globalists. Newt was instrumental in getting NAFTA passed, The North American Free Trade Agreement- is “pro” agenda 21, which destroys national sovereignty. Then we have Paul who in my opinion is the best choice, a true constitutionalists but he has been so damaged by the RINO media. Not just that but from what i see many republicans are not true conservatives, they are the new left.
    Either way we are facing the most important election in US history, Obama has to go and that’s the bottom line. If only we had politicians that really believed in putting the people ahead of their special interests, money and agendas of the elite. Even the tea party politicians for the most part have done the opposite of what they said they would do by supporting and voting on unconstitutional legislation.
    We need to unite under the constitution and freedom now to have any hope of saving this nation, sadly i dont see that happening. Thanks for the great article!

    • Hello Joe,

      Newt Gingrich may believe in internationalism (and so do I) but he is a steadfast defender of America against hegemony to global governance.

      Further, he has spoken of and committed himself to a refocus upon the vision of our founders, by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers. He also recognizes the danger of the new Red China. This is no longer the Newt Gingrich that ignored the dark side of the Tofflers.

      Please consider posts in Gulag Bound about Newt Gingrich and let’s be careful what lines we draw where, and what we call them.

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    • Let me get this straight, CC. You…

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