Obama’s Cousin Discerns, ‘Mitt Beat Rick, but Newt Beat Barack’

Barry’s cousin the radiologist acutely sees though the surface and focuses on the nerve of Newt Gingrich, related in The Washington Times.

He also sketches out, how Newt subtly continues to answer the sentiments of Andrew Breitbart’s plea in, “The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky.’

WOLF: Mitt beat Rick, but Newt beat Barack

Only one Republican has made Obama squirm

By Dr. Milton R. Wolf – The Washington Times

This wouldn’t be the first time the media missed the real story. In the wake of a split Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum scored wins against each other, but it was former Speaker Newt Gingrich who single-handedly drove President Obama into panic mode.

Mr. Romney deserves enormous credit for his success in the early primaries, but the undeniable fact remains that he has not demonstrated the ability to win a race without vastly outspending his opponents, often by 5-to-1 and even 12-to-1. He will not enjoy this luxury against the sitting president and the billion-dollar Obama machine. Veteran political writer John Fund says Republicans are “fooling themselves” if they ignore this sobering reality.

Mr. Santorum has outperformed expectations but continues to make himself an easy target for Democrats. Eagerly taking the bait, the former senator declared of birth control, “It’s not OK.”

Mr. Santorum offered up the verbal equivalent of former President Lyndon B. Johnson showing off his gallbladder surgical scar by doubling down on his prior assertion that former president John F. Kennedy’s speech on the separation of church and state makes him want to “throw up.” Sigh. The commercials write themselves.

continues, excellent to the end

Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a Washington Times columnist, is a radiologist and President Obama’s cousin. He blogs at miltonwolf.com.

Gingrich enfolds his dynamic and downright American energy plan in a video that we placed in, “Vast U.S. Oil Reserves Kept Secret by TPTB? Not by Gingrich,” February 21.

Also pertinent to this article’s subject matter, “Newt Gingrich Penetrates the Contraceptive Press, Video, 3/4/2012, Update.”

The media had not learned, after the debate exchange highlighted ins, “Obama’s Infanticide History; Illinois Expert Stanek Backs-Up Gingrich Claim,” February 24.


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