Romney, Agenda 21 Quisling, for Americans Fighting for our Sovereignty?

A post SuperTuesday song

We need a great deal of prayer,
and the voters, a huge dose of revelation.

Now we have the Marxstream media and GOP machinists imploring Republican voters to endorse the habitually lying, conniving globalista, and bankster-fascist, Mitt Romney, to end the process early. It reminds me of the scene in Braveheart where the torturer asks Wallace if he would like to recant, for his final relief.

Meanwhile Rick Santorum, a problematic, Vaticanist candidate who doesn’t deserve the nomination, continues to be propped up by the naivety bloc of the Christian Right. Like excited adolescents, they think themselves grown up, as they flex their muscles without enough in their brains.

Meanwhile the remnant, who know what’s really going on are split between intellectually ADHD Newt Gingrich, attempting to show us he is reborn, re-centered upon America’s founders’ vision, and laissez-faire Ron Paul, the feast-or-famine candidate on the key issues of our time, whom Republican primary voters reject for his military isolationism and libertarian revisionism (plus an ornery attitude about Israel).

We need fervent prayer,
and the voters, a huge dose of revelation.

I suggest imploring Americans to vote Gingrich in the south and unless he further destroys himself, or Gingrich rebounds further, to pinch their noses and vote Santorum in the north (in Santorum’s case, only to take the process to the RNC floor). And as long as I’m doing the “I” thing, I will remind any readers that I would not vote for the controlled dialectic and its Romney, in November, were he nominated

Quisling, Himmler, Terboven, Falkenhorst in Norway, 1941

If Romney does lock this up, it is time to look for an alternative candidate in the General Election, for the sake of continuing to build a movement to educate America and thwart the Cloward-Piven, failed state strategy. It includes Romney as its new, Soros approved, Agenda 21 Quisling in the White House, there to be both the Wall Street target for the revolt and the acceptor of America’s Big Bail-Out with strings (and nooses for our sovereignty) from the globalist central bank network.

Whether one focuses upon the Marxists and Marxians nurtured and utilized, the central bank complex with the power of the purse, or whatever exists of the Illuminati by that or any other designation(s) – the controlled dialectic, a.k.a., the Overton window is how the People’s chief enemy works, and when they have their chosen chessmen on both sides, they control all those manipulated in the their midst. It is well past time to topple the game board and break out of that Matrix.

We need inspired prayer,
and the voters, a huge dose of revelation.

We need Gingrich to be what he has committed himself to be and for Americans to see why they need him. Closing his campaign speeches he has offered, “my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor,” devoted to preserving sovereign, and authentic, and economically self-preserved America. Remembering the Contract with America, when the man signs his name to such a thing, he delivers.


This is essential to our self-re-education: how the candidates stand on the ground war against American’s essential sovereignty: GOP Presidential Candidates on Agenda 21 ‘Sustainable Development.”

Other references, by category and tag, reside for the clicking in Gulag Bound; one may also search terms in the site.

Update 1, an alternative title in Twitter:

Dear @RNC, Damn your hand-picked globalist, #Agenda21 candidate Romney’s #bankster #fascism: #gop #tcot

Update 2

A twitter friend’s blog article, using maps to demonstrate how the Romney machine is alienating the remnant of Americans who know what America is: “A picture paints a 1000 words…Edit: the gold represents Romney’s vote, the rosey violet, Santorum’s.

Ohio's 2012 GOP Presidential Primary Vote

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  1. Arlen –

    You have exposed yourself as a BIGOT by callng Rick Santorum “a problematic, Vaticanist candidate” because he is a Catholic. You are of the same ilk of bigots who denegrated Al Smith and JFK for their Cathollicism. Shame on you!

    Bob Daredevil

    • Arlen Williams says

      Bob, Newt Gingrich is a Roman Catholic. I have endorsed Newt Gingrich.

      Between Rick Santorum and myself, one of us wants to throw up at JFK’s speech about his Catholicism and Americanism and it’s not me. Actually, a friend of mine inquired about such a statement I’ve made, via email. After I reboot my Microsoft PC, I’ll look at my reply to him. I may just enter it here, verbatim and if you’re still looking in, you can tell me what you think.

  2. Bob, in an email a few days ago, I was asked, “Arlen, why do you infer that RS is for ‘Vatican dominionism?'”

    This was my response:

    Because from his many utterances he yearns to go beyond policing pro-life, into ungovernable private sexual behavior, referring to Vatican policy.

    Because JFK’s dividing line between Americanism and Vatican dicta makes him want to “throw up.”

    Because he has discredited “mainline” Protestantism, “outside the world of Christianity, as I see it.” (Wow! What would Francis Scheffer and D. James Kennedy think of that, just to name two, even if one would see the Anabaptist stem as not “mainline.”)

    Because this is underscored by his being a Knight of Malta who took a pilgrimage to the Vatican for the celebration of an ancient Opus Dei hero.

    Because he has gone out of his way to show himself a knee-jerk hawk to wage war against Muslim nations.

    Because he discredits respect for the 10th Amendment and speaks out for national policy, left and right, viewing the United States as a hierarchy similar to Roman Catholic polity.

    (And considering all of this, plus his favoring [sic] for [of] numerous big government programs and his union ties, he has much more in common it seems to me, to the Lipinski family than the Palin family, for instance — more like Savonarola than Adams.)

    Quacking, waddling, swimming like a duck. The only difference is, these criticisms stick with Santorum, no “water off a duck’s back,” there.

    BTW, I appreciate Newt Gingrich having the fine sense to also referr to the fundamentalist Christians in Ohio assaulted by Obama’s Marxofascism, here:

    Feel free to pass this along to anyone. It is likely to go into Gulag Bound in similar words, soon.


  3. Newt is Bohemian Club. He has outright lied about it when asked although photos are available from several sources on the net. As for being ‘Catholic’ …. it is more than just words…the ‘fruit’ from his tree is rotten.

    Santorum is the only choice.

  4. Arlen –

    Blah-blah-blah! You’ve said nothing that implies anything other than you are a BIGOT! Your lack of knowledge of Catholicism is at the center of your bigotry! You’ve provided no links to Santorum videos, you’ve provided no sources to JFK, and you’ve provided no links to Catholic teachings nor sources. Mighty comfortable in your robes of BIGOTRY! You must have grown up surrounded by this bigotry that possesses you.

    FYI, converts to Catholicism have an even strong Catholic faith than those who are born into the faith. You may just have to endorse Mitt Romney or Ron Paul instead. Then again, you can always fall back and endorse Barack Obama. I am sure his Black Liberation Theology would be more fitting with your bigotry! BTW my statements are not to be construed as support for any particular candidate. I just find your bigotry of Catholicism nauseating.


    • Arlen Williams says

      Bob, your charge of bigotry is ironic, since it is apparent bigotry on the part of Santorum, that alerts me about him.

      Apparently you missed the news about Santorum and JFK. I suggest you Web search the following words at once: Santorum thow up Kennedy Catholic

  5. montanaconserv says


    Thank you for a great op/ed! I whole-heartedly agree with what you are saying. I find it very interesting that a soon as someone (not Romney) starts winning, the Media comes full bore slandering that person until the public opinion shifts back to Romney .. even Fox News is guilty of being Romney-ites… It makes me puke at how the people are sitting with their blinders on and not allowing themselves to see how they are being manipulated. I’m very much a Newt fan, and would like to see him win. I honestly don’t think I could vote for Romney, and I won’t vote for Odramaking… But, it’s still a long way from November, let’s pray America makes a good choice….


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