Romney Funded by ‘Green’ Kleptocrats for Cap & Trade

We have thus far established that Mitt Romney is:

Now, is anyone surprised to find he is also funded by the Cap-and-Trade activist side of this soft warfare waged against us?

In, emphasis ours:

Green donors bet on Romney flip-flop

By: Darren Samuelsohn
March 5, 2012 07:59 PM EST

Will Mitt Romney flip-flop on climate change if he’s elected president?

Some big donors are betting on it.

Romney and his super PAC have taken millions from funders with strong green streaks — despite the fact that the former Massachusetts governor has run to the right in the primary, proclaiming doubts about global-warming science and trashing President Barack Obama’s greenhouse gas emissions policies.

Julian Robertson, founder of the Tiger Management hedge fund, helped put cap-and-trade legislation on the map with $60 million in contributions over the past decade to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Now, Robertson has given $1.25 million to Romney’s Restore our Future super PAC, plus the maximum $2,500 to the Romney campaign.

Other green-minded financial backers may not be giving as much as Robertson, but they still share the view that climate-change science and a solid environmental agenda wouldn’t be a lost cause if Romney won the White House.


The article goes on to name others, showing Romney’s Big Green money totaling in numerous millions. Here are a couple of the more intriguing names, emphasis ours:

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, a longtime Nature Conservancy board member, gave the maximum $2,500 to Huntsman last summer. Former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray gave $2,500 to Huntsman and then followed up with the same amount in January to Romney after Huntsman left the race. Bill Doré, a semi-retired energy consultant, has donated more than $1 million to the super PAC boosting Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign.

Rick Santorum! How does he get into the mix? Interestingly enough, aside from Romney, Santorum was the only candidate we found who tended to skirt the idea of establishing actual plans to thwart and reverse Agenda 21.

But it is our impression that wealthy financiers tend not to “bet” on candidates the way someone may place a five dollar bill on the pretty, chestnut, number three horse at the track. Rather than bet, they invest. Investment for promised ROI (return on investment) is how they have acquired their wealth and how they intend to increase it. And what a candidate promises in the back room is often not exposed on the debate floor.

Furthermore, is Mitt Romney really just a “flip-flopper,” or after all these years may we now recognize him as an habitual, strategic deceiver? If he is willing to lie about health care, what will he not lie about, to us?

We recall the days of the threat of Cap and Trade. And, then there was the Chicago Climate Exchange. Wait, we do remember those days, right? As with Romneycare and Obamacare, if not, the cause of the sovereign American republic may be about to die of dementia.

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h/t: James K


  1. Romney will be Bush’s third term and both Romney and Bush are one the same side of the coin, with Obama being on the other. They are all the same and all lefties! Right now he is just saying anything to get elected president and people are eating it up left and right :(

  2. Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is, and he won’t sell us down the river, yet nobody is talking about him. I’m not voting for either Obama or Romney.

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