Newt Gingrich Penetrates the Contraceptive Press, Video, 3/4/2012, Update

Update 1

Gingrich is surging in the latest polls, in non-unionista states where he is campaigning, Tennessee and his own Georgia: (No Sunday polling in other states which may fit that description is seen, at present.)

When a candidate fights the propaganda of the neo-Marxist dialectic and resets the premises of debate, he wins in America. When true political leaders do that, America survives.

Update 2

Also see perhaps Andrew Breitbart’s last published article, on this very topic, “‘The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky.’”

March 4, 8:44pm CST

Who is needed in the White House?

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The media’s intra-agitprop devices do not prevent Gingrich from disseminating the truth, implanting reality in productive Americans’ fertile minds – just where each healthy brainchild may develop.

Republican voters may respond with their hearts, or be pimped out for the candidate flashing the same big, globalist bankster money that gets Obama to put out for them.

Get the concept?

Will you deliver?


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